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Zlatan's Face Is On Money Now

If you needed further proof that Zlatan is royalty, or if you just wanted to see a picture of Zlatan with a giant banknote with his face on it, today is your lucky day.

He still doesn't have a team to play on, but Zlatan's Instagram remains as amazing as ever.

Harry Kane's Blistering Form Continued Over The Summer

Any casual fan knows that Harry Kane has been a goalscoring machine since becoming Tottenham's main striker during the 2014-15 season. At just 24, he has scored 78 Premier League goals, and many pundits believe he has a legitimate chance of challenging Alan Shearer's record of 260 goals in the EPL.

Of course, Kane needs to stay healthy and in top form, but so far he's keeping pace (Shearer scored 81 goals in his first three EPL seasons, although he was one year older than Kane when he broke in to the division).

Kei Kamara’s Twitter Rant Buries MLS Top Brass, Elevates TRUsox

In an effort to protect the interests of official league provider adidas, MLS issued a $1,250 fine to New England Revolution striker Kei Kamara yesterday for visibly wearing TRUsox, an unapproved piece of kit. This would’ve passed unnoticed but Kamara took to Twitter to denounce the sanction, citing, among other things, the fact that faces of the league like Michael Bradley and Jozy Altidore also wear the socks without receiving a similar fine. 

Everyone Would Swipe Right On This Alexis Sanchez Tinder Profile

Alexis Sanchez recently posted a video on Instagram stories showing off his new girlfriend, Chilean actress Mayte Rodriguez.

How is it that professional soccer players easily find beautiful people to date and/or marry?

Tinder, we assume.

Alexis’ profile probably looks something like this

Swipe right to like

MLS Clubs Start Clapping At Each Other Over All-Star Snubs

The process for selecting the 24-man MLS All-Star roster means that there’s always going to be some massive snubs. That just comes with the territory of allowing fans to vote for nearly 50% of the squad. It’s not worth getting too upset over. After all, it’s the fans that’ll actually pay to watch the glorified friendly between the All-Stars and Real Madrid on August 2 in Chicago.

Transfer Trolls: Professional Footballers Won’t Stop Messing With Us

If social media has done one thing for us, it’s certainly improved our one-way communication with the world’s biggest stars. Big names like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema are some of the most followed personalities online because when they do share with us, we like it. We like getting to know them personally. 

What’s going on in their lives? Just like watching our neighbor across the street, we can now peer in on the lifestyles of the rich and the famous. 

Diego Costa, In Exuberant “Screw You!” Phase Of Chelsea Break Up, Parties In Atletico Shirt

Earlier this summer, Diego Costa broke Chelsea fans’ hearts everywhere when he confirmed that he was not in manager Antonio Conte’s plans for next season. However, according to the Brazilian/Spanish forward, the news was not relayed to him in the typical office-sit-down sort of chat. Rather, Conte reportedly told Costa his fate via text message.

How Cassius Dwyer Feels Watching the Gold Cup

If you are a fan of U.S. soccer or a frequenter of social media in general than there’s a good chance that Cassius Dwyer, the son of Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer, is one of your favorite little humans.

Though he’s only 10 months old, young Cassius has already shown he has quite personality. We feeling he's had some strong opinions while watching the U.S. men in the Gold Cup recently. After all, there’s nothing more pure than a baby’s reaction.

Bayer Leverkusen Have Decided That Today Is Chicharito Day

Well, I guess today is a holiday. Bayer Leverkusen has declared today, July 14, as international Chicharito day. The Mexican forward has scored 39 goals in 76 appearances for the German club, and that should probably be celebrated. Why not today?