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Rapinoe On Former USSF Prez Wanting Job Back: ‘Caveman Levels Of Misogyny’

Carlos Cordeiro, the former U.S. Soccer Federation president who resigned in disgrace after overseeing some of the most deplorable arguments the USSF has ever put forward in a lawsuit, wants his old job back. Megan Rapinoe, for one, has made her opinion known on the matter.

Sydney Leroux Has Perfectly Reasonable Response To Son Wearing Tottenham Kit

It’s not easy being a single mother. It’s even harder when you’re a professional athlete. But Sydney Leroux sure makes it look easy, or at least fun.

Preseason NWSL camps are less than a month away. With that in mind, Sydney Leroux was in the backyard getting in some training this week with her 5-year-old son, Cassius, who was sporting a full Tottenham kit. Leroux, a 31-year-old Orlando Pride forward and prime Mom of the Year candidate, did what any self-respecting parent would do upon seeing their offspring wearing Spurs colors: kick a ball straight at the kid’s head.

Christen Press Shows Incredible Sportsmanship With Instagram Post On Her Birthday

While not quite as bad as 2020, 2021 was not exactly a great year. The Covid-19 pandemic still rages, providing daily disruptions to our lives, politics remained fucked as ever, preventing any real progress on issues of climate change or equity, and my favorite soccer teams all still suck. But an Instagram post featuring Christen Press and Tobin Heath may have just made the entire year worth it.

Carlos Salcedo Abre Un Alto Debate Gastronómico En Su Cuenta De Instagram

Entre posts que dan cuenta de sus sesiones de entrenamiento con Tigres, su incipiente carrera musical y su amor por Balenciaga, Carlos Salcedo compartió en sus historias de Instagram uno de sus curiosos gustos culinarios: sopa de fideos con banana.

Sí, leíste bien, sopa de fideos con banana. Y fideos en formas de letras para ser precisos, aunque seguramente el tipo de fideo es lo que menos importa.

Hugo Maradona, Younger Brother Of Diego, Dies At The Age Of 52

ROME — Napoli paid tribute on Tuesday to Hugo Maradona, younger brother of the Italian club’s former great Diego, following his death from a heart attack at the age of 52.

¿Mo Salah? ¿El Pibe Valderrama? Mazatlán Pide A Sus Fans Adivinar Quién Es Su Nuevo Refuerzo

Con la casi segura salida de su talismán, Camilo Sanvezzo, rumbo al Toluca, el Mazatlán FC movió rápido sus tentáculos y anunció uno de los refuerzos que intentará llenar el vacío que dejará el brasileño.

Antes de revelar su identidad, sin embargo, los cañoneros realizaron una dinámica en redes sociales pidiéndole a sus aficionados adivinar el nombre del jugador en cuestión.

Niño Inglés Explota En Llanto Al Recibir El Jersey De Raúl Jiménez Como Regalo De Navidad

Puede que Raúl Jiménez sea uno de los 10 jugadores más devaluados en la Premier League en la última temporada, sin embargo, la pasión que genera entre los aficionados del Wolverhampton sigue intacta, tal como quedó demostrado durante esta Navidad.

N.C. Courage Attempt Apology For Signing Homophobic Player; Fans Aren’t Buying It

If you would like to learn how to alienate a club’s fanbase, perhaps irrevocably, you would struggle to find a better case study than the NWSL’s N.C. Courage this week. On Sunday, the club announced the signing of a player, Jaelene Daniels, antithetical to the vast majority of the team’s and league’s fans. After two full days of silence, the club put out a shockingly meek “apology” late Wednesday night, only further upsetting the once devoted fanbase. 

The USWNT Will Raise Your GIF Game This Holiday Season With An Armada Of Fresh USWNT GIFS

Are you the kind of person who prefers to respond to emails and texts with GIFs instead of having to type something out? Do you also love the USWNT? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then you or a loved one may be entitled to a plethora of new USWNT GIFs.

As a sendoff for 2021, the USWNT social team decided to do its version of Spotify Wrapped in GIF form. You might want to put a few of these in your back pocket for a rainy day.

The USWNT released 18 total GIFs for your viewing pleasure. The18 (see what I did there?) USWNT GIFs are as follows.

Arquero De Chivas, Raúl Gudiño, Celebró Su Boda Con El Himno De La Champions League

No es un misterio que cada futbolista en el planeta sueña con jugar algún día en la Champions League, pero hasta ahora nunca habíamos escuchado de un jugador que pensara usar el himno de la competencia para ponerlo en el día de su boda. Al menos hasta ahora.

Quien rompe el registro es Raúl Gudiño, arquero de Chivas, quien contó con un coro especial para cantar la célebre melodía al final de la ceremonia en la que contrajo nupcias con Ale Román.