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Denmark’s World Cup kit designs are a powerful anti-Qatar protest

Hummel, the designer for Denmark’s World Cup kits, released the Danish jerseys on Wednesday with a message to host nation Qatar. Hummel announced that the kits they designed are in memory of the thousands of migrant workers who died building Qatar’s World Cup infrastructure.

"While we support the Danish national team all the way, this shouldn't be confused with support for a tournament that has cost thousands of people their lives,” Hummel’s statement said.

Gregg Berhalter’s latest quote about USMNT has fans annoyed and beginning to turn against him

The overall opinion on Gregg Berhalter and the United States men’s national team has seen a dramatic shift after a heartless loss to Japan and mundane draw with Saudi Arabia. The team looked uninspired and flat, but Berhalter has tried to remain positive.

Douglas Luiz slams TV journalist for objectifying his girlfriend, soccer player Alisha Lehmann

Defensive midfielder Douglas Luiz came metaphorically studs up on social media after a famous Brazilian TV journalist shared a disrespectful post on Twitter objectifying Aston Villa Women FC star Alisha Lehmann, who is also Luiz's girlfriend.

Milton Neves, a 71-year-old presenter, tweeted a clip of Lehmann celebrating a goal a la Cristiano Ronaldo, but in slow-motion and with the camera focusing on the player's derrière. As if that wasn't bad enough, Neves captioned the sequence with the phrase: "Without rewinding the video, what number was on her shirt?"

Messi has a new nickname - Why are his teammates calling him La Comadreja (The Weasel)?

La Pulga (The Flea), El Enano (The Dwarf), Messías (The Messiah) and The G.O.A.T are some of the nicknames people use to talk about the incomparable Lionel Messi. Quite an array of options to which we have to add one more: La Comadreja (The Weasel). 

Is Beyoncé more popular than Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi?

"Beyoncé" is trending on Twitter. Care to know why?

Over the weekend, a tweet claiming that no football player alive is more popular than Beyoncé riled up the whole of Twitter.

iShowSpeed's hilarious performance vs. Sidemen FC in the Sidemen Charity Match

The Sidemen Charity Match was inarguably the greatest edition of the event since its first in 2016. The soccer match gave us wonderful goals, tackles, celebrations and moments of comedy – all protagonized by many of social media’s most beloved influencers.

One of the most anticipated appearances was that of our very own iShowSpeed, and boy did he deliver.

Ronaldinho gets ridiculously angry after being nutmegged by a random guy

We all got used to seeing Ronaldinho Gaúcho vaporizing opponents while casting spells with his magical legs. However, there is not a lot of footage of the Brazilian having a taste of his own medicine.

That's why a rare video from freestyler and TikToker Ferjani Safi is getting viral at the speed of light. And well, the fact that O Bruxo wasn't happy about it is also helping. 

Sophia Smith has had enough — Portland Thorns star calls out NWSL’s awful officiating

Sophia Smith called out NWSL’s continuously awful officiating on Tuesday after the referees missed a clear foul on her in the Portland Thorns’ game vs. Kansas City Current game from Sunday. In the second half of Sunday’s game Smith was taken down in the box with a dangerous tackle from behind.

No foul was called, and one Twitter user posted the highlight asking how nothing was given from the referee. Smith responded, too.

Luis Enrique is giving instructions to the Spanish national team players via walkie-talkies

Seeing a coach standing on the sidelines yelling at his/her players is part of the soccer weave. However, this traditional rite seems to have its days numbered after witnessing the new technology innovation in the Spanish national team camp: mini walkie-talkies.

Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond will be in FIFA 23

It has officially been confirmed that this year, everyone's favorite mustachioed American soccer coach will be making an appearance in the FIFA video game series. Following a bit of speculation in recent weeks, a new tweet from Ted Lasso himself teased the announcement on Tuesday, before EA guaranteed it Wednesday.