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Colorful YouTube Star Sponsors Brazilian Jersey

Botafogo took the pitch with an unusual shirt sponsor in what could be a first for professional football on Monday: a YouTube star’s brand on the team’s jersey. Botafogo wore their iconic black-and-white kits with the logo for “Neto’s” located just above the team crest and a logo for Brazilian YouTube star Felipe Neto on the right breast against Palmeiras on Monday. 

Ebbsfleet United Just Made Mambo Number 5

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Mambo number five.

Arsenal Fans Are Already Crying About Saturday’s North London Derby Against Tottenham

Arsenal fans are a sensitive lot. They want to think their club is the best in the world, even though it hasn’t been the best in England in well over a decade. They want to think their club plays the prettiest football in the league, even though that torch has long-since been passed to Manchester City. They want to think their club reigns supreme in North London, but as of last season that is no longer the case.

Maradona Thinks He Should Come Back And Coach The Argentina National Team

One big reason Argentina have failed to win a major trophy during the international career of the best footballer of all time has been management. They simply have not found a manager who can consistently bring out the best in Argentina's impressive stable of attackers.

Robert Lewandowski Has Thrown In The Towel And Gone Gray

Everyone ages. Aging is a necessary consequence of being alive, and should be accepted. That said, entire industries are propped up by folks looking to avoid aging. Footballers, with their combination of being rich, in the public eye all the time and having so many people fawn over them they inevitably become vain, are some of the most common indulgers in these industries.

Cryptic Zlatan Tweet Kicks Off Excellent Game Of World Cup "Will He Or Won't He?"

Sweden National Team manager Janne Andersson would like all of you to know that there is NO WAY Sweden's all-time goalscorer and all-around entertainment generator Zlatan Ibrahimovic is going to play for Sweden at the World Cup, which they just qualified for, much to the chagrin of Italy. So just get that out of your heads. Zlatan, the man who once said "a World Cup without me is nothing to watch" is not going to play in the World Cup. He is retired from international football and currently rehabbing an awful knee injury. IT IS NOT HAPPENING.

You’ll Cringe At These Soccer Clubs Joking About Having 280 Twitter Characters

Tuesday marked the beginning of a new era, with Twitter doubling the character count for most Western-language users. (Japanese, Korean and Chinese users will stay at 140 because their languages convey more per character.) There were countless bad jokes across the globe as everyone felt compelled to tweet about the fact they had something that everyone else had.