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Manchester City Turns Tinder Blue

Manchester City may not have been able to do much in its Champions League match against Liverpool on Wednesday, but on Thursday they found a match that more appropriately suits the club’s tactics — a match for financial gain. The Citizens turned Tinder blue on Thursday, announcing a multi-year partnership with the dating app with a giant, sky-blue Tinder blimp. 

Is This Guy The Biggest Fair-Weather Fan Ever?

We may have done it — we may have found the biggest fair-weather football fan on the planet. All it took was one incredible kick of the ball. 

Football fans typically pride themselves in devoting themselves to a team. Normally fans will support two teams: their local club and their national team. Americans might add a European team as well, but typically the most dedicated fans focus on one or two teams. 

Then there’s this guy, Moe. 

Mario Melchiot’s Facebook Live Champions League Experience Is Utter Hell

Mario Melchiot knows more about football than you or I. He knows more about football than the both of us combined. A native of Amsterdam, Melchiot was a product of the legendary Ajax youth system, making his debut for the first team as a 20-year-old before transferring to Chelsea at just 22.

He played extensively in the Premier League for the Blues, Birmingham City and Wigan Athletic, as well as amassing 22 international caps for the Netherlands over an eight-year international spell.

The World Is Still Buzzing Over Zlatan’s Legendary Debut — And Not Just Soccer Fans

So some giant Swede came to America last week and showed everyone how to do the soccer. Needless to say, people went nuts. Zlatan Ibrahimovic made his debut for the LA Galaxy over the weekend and made an immediate impact. Of course he did. The Zlatan debut goals had sports fans of all types absolutely buzzing Saturday afternoon.

Did Neymar Just Mock Stephen Hawking?

Stephen Hawking, perhaps the most famous scientist since Albert Einstein, passed away Wednesday morning at the age of 76, a sad day for anyone who appreciates science (or the technologies science has given us, which is to say all technology). But on Wednesday afternoon, a tone-deaf Neymar Stephen Hawking tribute has us wondering if the Brazilian soccer star was mocking the British scientist. 

Riyad Mahrez Is Not Retiring From Football, But His Facebook Page Really Had Us Going For A Bit

Riyad Mahrez has retired from soccer! Sound the alarm! The architect of Leicester City's magical title-winning season is hanging his boots up at the tender age of 27! So sad to see such a promising career tragically cut short by injury.

Why Alisson's Rumored Move To Liverpool Needs To Happen ASAP

Liverpool are reportedly sizing up a move for Roma's bearded Brazilian goalkeeper, Alisson Becker.

(Please ignore the reports from today that the move is off. We will be over here pretending they do not exist.)

Every Matchday, Man City's Social Team Is Doing Something So Subtle But So Beautiful

Something caught my eye during Manchester City’s Champions League encounter with Basel on Tuesday, and it wasn’t Amazonian fish-frog god Bernardo Silva. I saw it on City’s Twitter page — a beautiful little animation of their own and Basel’s badges before the game. 

Like a good sports hack reporter boy, I had to know more. Had they done this before? Yes. Had they been doing this since the start of the season? Yes.