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Gerard Pique In Hot Water With Barcelona Over Griezmann Decision Video

Barcelona is unhappy with defender Gerard Pique and his strange role in the even stranger documentary special, Antoine Griezmann’s ‘The Decision” that aired on a Spanish pay-per-view channel last Thursday night in Spain. Pique is the owner of film production company Kosmos Studios, the company which produced Griezmann’s decision film.

World Cup Social Media Roundup: Day 6

Today we saw the return of Mo Salah, but Russia continued its excellent form and destroyed Egypt. Japan pulled off a huge upset and Senegal became the first African nation to get a win in this World Cup.

Colombia vs Japan

This game saw the first red card of the tournament and it came in the third minute for Colombia. The early red gave way for Japan to get an unlikely win.

World Cup Social Media Roundup: Day 5

Day five saw two heavyweights, Belgium and England, secure victories but not without some nervy moments. Twitter was on call for reactions to all of the day's action. 

South Korea vs. Sweden 

This definitely wasn't the most exciting game of the tournament, and there wasn't much flow to the game. The internet took note of that.

Twitter Does Not Speak Fondly Of Peru Coach Ricardo Gareca, Or Is That Steven Tyler

Consider Peru coach Ricardo Gareca the foil to Morocco coach Hervé Renard. As much as Twitter loved Renard on Friday, the lovely people of the internet were not so kind to Gareca on Saturday.

Renard was the lone bright spot for his country in a disappointing 1-0 loss to Iran on Friday, winning fans over across the globe with his undeniably good looks

Diego Maradona DGAF At 2018 World Cup

It’s not a World Cup without Diego Maradona. Whether he’s playing, coaching or just being himself on the sidelines, Maradona is such a massive character in the beautiful game he makes headlines wherever he goes. Diego Maradona at the 2018 World Cup is no different, and he clearly doesn’t give a f*ck about anything but himself. 

World Cup Social Media Roundup: Day 1

Here are our select cuts from the world of social media following day one at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Opening Ceremonies

While the opening ceremonies at the World Cup are usually awful, this one wasn't! Robbie Williams kept everyone on their toes by showing some "love" for the camera and the internet had an absolute field day.

The Twitter Handles You Must Follow This World Cup — And 5 To Stay Away From

The World Cup is a global phenomenon, with almost the entire world paying attention to the beautiful game at some point over the month-long tournament. This is especially true on social media — the last World Cup final set a record for tweets per minute. So if you want to get involved, you need to know what Twitter handles to follow for the World Cup.