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Andrés Iniestra Vs Ronaldo Duel Confuses Fans And Lights Up Liga MX

An Andrés Iniestra vs. Ronaldo duel may sound like a classic clash between two of LaLiga’s most historic figures.

But read carefully: It is not Barcelona’s Andrés Iniesta but rather Pumas UNAM Andrés Iniestra we are talking about.

Similarly, it is not Juventus’ Cristiano Ronaldo but Veracruz’s Ronaldo Prieto. 

World Cup Social Media Roundup: Semifinals

We're nearly to the final, but not without some amazing World Cup tweets from some tense semifinals. Let's get to it. 

France vs. Belgium

This was being touted to be the best game of the World Cup, but it failed to come even close to that. France just sat back after going up 1-0 to make the game boring, but Hazard did pull some skills to give a little excitement.

World Cup Social Media Roundup: Day 19

The Round of 16 is off to a flying start, and it's everything we need in a World Cup. The underdogs have been ruthless — Russia taking down Spain and Japan nearly beating Belgium.

Weekend Games

Every game this weekend from the Round of 16 was an absolute nail-biter. Two games went to PKs and the world's two best players went out in tight, goal-filled games. It was awesome.

Messi Bows Out Of World Cup With Whimper, Sparking Countless Memes

This was Lionel Messi’s last real chance — his last opportunity to quiet the doubters and prove he was just as good if not better than Diego Maradona, or Cristiano Ronaldo, or god himself. Unfortunately, even the most ardent of Leo fans would have to admit the Messi World Cup performance was an abject failure.

World Cup Social Media Roundup: Day 13

The first two matches on Tuesday were not very exciting as France and Denmark had a goalless draw to protect their round-of-16 spots and Australia did not come to play. The next two games, however, nearly gave me a heart attack because it was down to the wire for Lionel Messi's survival in the World Cup. Holy sh*t is all I can say about the Argentina match. 

Here's the best of the World Cup social media action from Tuesday.

World Cup Social Media Roundup: Day 12

Today marked the begining of the end for the group stage. Groups A and B played their final games, which is always a cause for drama because most of these games will decide who advances to the Round of 16. There was an enormous amount of people claiming that the refs and the use of VAR was very one-sided in almost every match, which goes to show how big these games were today.

World Cup Social Media Roundup: Day 8

World Cup social media was alive and well during the first two matches of the day, but boy did things get cooking once Argentina collpased against Croatia. Here are our favorite tweets from today's action.

Denmark vs. Australia

Another game, another VAR penalty for the Aussies — giving the Socceroos a point against Christian Eriksen and the Danes.

World Cup Social Media Roundup: Day 7

Today's games were expected to be one-sided affairs, but that wasn't the case. Heavyweights Portugal, Uruguay and Spain all struggled to hold on to 1-0 leads to get the vital three points. Not the most exciting day of the World Cup so far, but Twitter was still making the day and games enjoyable with some witty banter.