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Aubameyang Leaks Speed Stats To Let You Know He's The Fastest At Arsenal

Footballers using social media is a blessing and a curse that keeps on giving. Thanks to some questionable use of Instagram stories by Arsenal’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, fans received some insider info on who the tourtoises and the hares are at the London club. According to a leaderboard listing the team’s fastest players based on the categories of “Max Speed” and “% Max Speed,” the Gabon striker is the speediest Gunner of them all. 

Real Madrid Is Finding Really Random Things To Brag About

Real Madrid, the 13-time champion of Europe, is apparently struggling to find new ways to brag about how great the club is. 

As it turns out, a lot of you footie fans are doing the Google to search things related to one club more than any other. The club in question isn’t really a surprise, nor is the fact said club is celebrating its status as the most-searched soccer team in the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo Embarrasses Himself With Juventus Initiation Song But We Love It Anyway

No one — we repeat, no one — is immune to initiation rites in soccer. Not a 40-year-old legend of the game and not even one of the best players of all time. Although after watching the Cristiano Ronaldo initiation song with Juventus, maybe these embarrassing displays need to stop — for the children.

Earlier this month, Gianluigi Buffon was seen belting out a glorious song for his PSG initiation rites. He earned a rousing ovation from his new teammates.

Dele Alli Challenge Explained: What It Means, How To Do It

Tottenham scraped past Newcastle United 2-1 in its opening match of the 2018-19 Premier League season, but it wasn’t just the game, or the lack of transfers from Spurs, that had everyone talking. Instead, it was the goal celebration from Dele Alli, which has given rise to the Dele Alli challenge. 

His goal restored the lead for Tottenham, and despite it being a pretty neat header, his celebration was the focus. Fans and footballers (and even managers) alike have tried to do it, and many have failed.

Fans Overreacting To LaLiga Playing In North America Are Missing The Point

While England's Premier League may be the most popular, Spain’s LaLiga is the best soccer league in the world. So the league has decided to do what other sports’ best leagues have done: export the product overseas. With LaLiga North America, the U.S. or Canada could host a Spanish league match as soon as this season.

Premier League Returns With Man U Win; League Gets Trolled By Serie A, Bundesliga Clubs

The Premier League opener between Manchester United and Leicester City failed to live up to the high-flying opener of last season. But the Friday night lights didn’t fail to elicit fantastic banter — from clubs outside of England.

Completing The “Balotelli Challenge” Is Now Going To Take Up Too Much Of Your Time

For clarification, the Balotelli Challenge does not refer to a competition in which you try to piss your coaches and teammates off with questionable behavior on and off the pitch. Nor does it mean trying a fancy finish when you’re clear on goal or wielding goal celebrations that are nearly obnoxious enough to get you punched in the mouth. Ah, enough I suppose. Mario Balotelli has been through the ringer these past few years.

Oh The Humanity! Cristiano Ronaldo Unfollows Real Madrid On Instagram

In a huge piece of investigative journalism, Madrid daily newspaper Marca reported the Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram account unfollowed Real Madrid on Friday. What a scoop!

More importantly, The18 can now confirm that Cristiano Ronaldo will not be back with Real Madrid this season, instead moving to Juventus. Because we all know a breakup isn’t official until social media accounts are unfollowed. 

So, um, does any of this matter?

Footballers Hit The #InMyFeelingsChallenge

If you’ve perused Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in the past few weeks, you've perhaps witnessed the #InMyFeelingsChallenge, arguably summer’s most popular dance craze given rise by the release of rapper Drake’s new album. The viral sensation started about a month ago after Instagram user and comedian @theshiggyshow shared a video of himself doing what he deemed “the shiggy” dance, which lined up perfectly with Drake’s song “In My Feelings” from his hit album Scorpion.