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Can You Guess These Unforgettable Goals Expressed Entirely From Emojis?

The internet is often a pretty loathsome place, what with the political, tribal vitriol humans have for one another. But on occasion it can be a pretty cool place, like with these goal emojis that inundated Twitter on Thursday.

At the prompting of the @MundialMag account, a number of soccer fans described their favorite goals using only emojis. 

There’s Something Called Floppotron And It’s Not What You Think

No one likes a flopper — it’s one of the few things on which all football fans can agree.

You might begrudgingly appreciate when a flopper earns your team a penalty kick or understand that the nature of the high-stakes game encourages players to do whatever it takes to gain an advantage, but no one actually likes a flopper.

So when we recently discovered something called the Floppotron, we were intrigued.

What To Watch On Netflix According To Lionel Messi

If ever I wanted a recommendation on what Netflix show to watch, I’d ask a footballer. There’s no other profession where rest and recovery are so important; outside of matches and the training ground, footballers are specifically instructed to do nothing — it’s pretty much the key to a long and successful career.

Rafael Van Der Vaart Chooses His Best XI Teammates With One Scandalous Inclusion

Before he retired a month ago, Rafael van der Vaart's career took him to some of the greatest clubs in the world, where he played with some of the legends of the game. He started in Ajax and went on to play with Hamburg, Real Madrid, Tottenham and Betis while also appearing more than 100 times for the Dutch national team.

Russian Premier League Match In Siberia Goes On Despite -13F Temps; Fans Let In Free

A Russian Premier League match in Siberia between bottom-half clubs Yenisey Krasnoyarsk and Akhmat Grozny was played in some absolutely miserable conditions on Saturday. Temperatures reached as low as -13F as the two teams played to a 1-1 draw.

The Ugly Proof The Rainbow Laces Campaign Is Still So Necessary In The Premier League

The now-annual Rainbow Laces Premier League campaign has begun in the UK, with players, clubs and the league sporting rainbow-colored accessories to support LGBT rights. And yet again, it’s evident why such a campaign is even necessary.

Madison’s New Team Is Making Fun Of MLS Crest Explainers, And We’re Here For It

On Monday, FC Cincinnati took the next step toward its inaugural 2019 MLS season by unveiling an overhaul to the crest it’s been using since the club’s 2016 debut in the United Soccer League.

The rebrand was headed by Interbrand, the same firm that accounted for the much-debated modernizing of Juventus’s crest.

Out with the old.

FC Cincinnati crest

In with the new.