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Cesc Fàbregas' 95-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Overcomes Coronavirus

The coronavirus is proving to be stubborn as the world fights to return to normalcy, but it turns out there's one thing stronger than COVID-19 — Cesc Fàbregas' 95-year-old great-grandmother. The Monaco midfielder tweeted out his thanks to all the doctors and nurses who helped her recover on Wednesday.

Spain Allows Children Under 14 Outside And It’s All Fútbol

While Americans are still cooped up inside wondering when they'll be able to leave their homes and enjoy some fresh air, other countries are easing back into normalcy. 

This past weekend, Spain allowed children under the age of 14 to go outside and play for the first time in six weeks — with some restrictions of course. Children must be wearing masks and obeying social distancing rules, as well as being accompanied by one parent for one hour of play.  

Sergio Agüero And His Avatar Have Exact Same Reaction To Awful FIFA 20 Miss

Rather than filling the void, these massive FIFA tournaments that are being broadcast on Twitch, FS1 and Telemundo have only served to highlight what a godawful replacement eSports are for their real life equivalents. Put simply, they’re not that fun to watch.

I’ve also realized that there’s a direct correlation between being good at FIFA and being particularly boring — who really wants to see someone exploit the game’s META (Most Effective Tactics Available) bullshit time after time while looking like Manchester City on bath salts? 

Latest Footballer TikTok Trend Is Actually Funny

Footballers and the social media app TikTok haven’t always been the greatest combination. At first it was some cringe-worthy dances, then is it was whatever the hell Layvin Kurzawa was doing. Now the tables have turned and the latest trend is a quite humorous recreation of footballers at the “airport.” 

5-Year-Old Makes $20 Offer To Buy Favorite Player, Club Responds

Young Leeds United fan Daniel Huton was not completely disappointed after sending a letter to Brighton asking to keep his new favorite player. Five-year-old Huton’s favorite is Benjamin White, who's currently on loan at Leeds and will go back to Brighton at the end of the season. 

Huton raided his piggy bank, pulled out pen and paper and made his offer for the defender.

Danish Club Previews What Fans At Games Will Look Like When Football Returns

Football fans are eager for the day they can return to the great cathedrals of stadiums around the world to watch their teams play. How everything will play out with COVID-19 is still uncertain, and the likelihood of seasons finishing in empty stadiums is a high possibility. Danish club FC Midtjylland might have found the best alternative with the idea of a "drive-in football" style game for fans.

Alexander-Arnold Avenges Loris Karius By Hammering Real Madrid’s Vinícius In Stay And Play Cup

Welcome to our wall-to-wall coverage of Day 2 of the FIFA Stay and Play Cup — it's the first four matches of the Round of 16!

If you missed yesterday’s play-in round, catch up on all the action here. Wednesday was dominated by Scandinavian clubs while Marseille, Valencia, PSV and Helsinki all ate it.