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Toluca Se Resigna A Un Apertura 2022 Sin Luis Suárez, Edinson Cavani Ni Luuk De Jong

Fue el técnico Ignacio Ambriz quien hoy ponchó las ilusiones y los corazones de los aficionados: Luuk de Jong no vendrá al Toluca.

El entrenador habló en conferencia de prensa y reconoció acercamientos con el delantero neerlandés que pertenece al Sevilla y que la temporada pasada jugó a préstamo en el Barcelona. Sin embargo, aclaró que el fichaje no se concretará, así como otros rumores que rodearon su supuesta llegada.

Denver Not Selected For 2026 World Cup, And It's Unclear If FIFA Ever Knew The City's Exact Location

The host cities for the 2026 World Cup in Canada, United States and Mexico were chosen on Thursday. A total of 16 cities were selected to be hosts from a field of 22 potential candidates. The 2026 World Cup host cities are as follows.

2026 World Cup Host Cities

Player Who Failed Penalty Against Australia's Dancing Goalkeeper Quits National Team

Today, there is no vals in the music repertoire able to process the sadness behind Perú's elimination from the 2022 World Cup. The defeat against Australia in the FIFA intercontinental playoff is still a wound too open for the country to come back to normality. 

Christen Press Wants Your Dog Pics After Tearing ACL

Christen Press is crestfallen. Rounding into superb form after taking time off for her mental health, the Angel City star limped off the field on Sunday. A day later, she confirmed everyone’s worst fears: The Christen Press injury is an ACL tear, and she’ll miss the rest of the season.

Press is requesting dog photos to cheer her up.

Nico Larcamón Se Convierte En Doctor Strange Para Anunciar Un Nuevo Refuerzo Del Puebla

Hacer jugar bien al modesto Puebla no es el único superpoder de Nicolás Larcamón. Ahora resulta que el técnico argentino también es capaz de abrir portales en el multiverso para atraer nuevos refuerzos al club.


Sí, igualito a Benedict Cumberbatch en Doctor Strange.

Amazon Prime Confirms ‘All Or Nothing: Argentina’ With July Release Date

While we all patiently await Amazon Prime's All or Nothing: Arsenal (a masterpiece takes time), the streaming service surprised us Wednesday with news of an All or Nothing Argentina release date set for July 10.

Where Arsenal represents the documentary series' fourth chronicling of an entire club season (following on from Manchester City, Tottenham and Juventus), this is the second time All or Nothing has closely followed an international team.

Pulisic’s Hair Is Slowly Going Super Saiyan As He Pulls Out The 2014 Neymar World Cup Look

The new-look Christian Pulisic hair is something alright. We’re still trying to figure out if he lost a bet, is slowly going Super Saiyan or if he watched too many Neymar 2014 World Cup highlights. Here's the new Pulisic hair.

New Pulisic Hair

Ronaldo Is Doing A 280-Mile Bike Ride Through The Famous Camino De Santiago Along With His Girlfriend

Brazilian star Ronaldo is currently in the middle of a grueling 280-mile bike ride from Valladolid to the winding roads of the famous Camino de Santiago along with his girlfriend, model Celina Locks. 

Freestyler Megs Kevin De Bruyne And Belgian Star Couldn’t Have Looked More Pissed Off

Kevin De Bruyne didn’t have the greatest week. For starters he’s gone on record to say he hates the UEFA Nations League calling the tournament “glorified friendlies”, then he and Belgium got embarrassed at home in a 4-1 defeat to the Netherlands on Friday and to top it all off a De Bruyne nutmeg video has gone viral.