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24 Thoughts On Samir Nasri's Twitter

Warning: the following article contains screenshots of tweets that should not be viewed by children or anyone who might be near a child in the future.

Also: Tweets are NSFW

Samir Nasri's Twitter, um, did a thing. Meet me on the other side of these screencaps.

Partick Thistle Midfielder Ryan Edwards Does Not Star In MTV's "Teen Mom"

Ryan Edwards is a 23-year-old Australian central midfielder who plays for Partick Thistle in the Scottish Premiership and looks like he would be a dynamite extra in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Ryan Edwards is a person who is/was on MTV's Teen Mom and Teen Mom OG and is the ex-boyfriend of someone named "Maci" and the father of someone named "Bentley".

These two people, both named "Ryan Edwards", are not the same person. We just want to make that perfectly clear.

The Biggest Boxing Day Storyline Was Watford's Harry The Hornet

Sam Allardyce’s return to Premier League management with Crystal Palace was everything we’ve come to expect from the big man. Palace secured a point at Vicarage Road, moving them two points clear of the relegation zone, and Allardyce got involved in a spat between Palace winger Wilfried Zaha and Watford mascot Harry the Hornet.

Marco Materazzi Is Still Trolling Zinedine Zidane

It’s been more than 10 years since that infamous night in Berlin, where, in the 110th minute of Zinedine Zidane’s final professional match, the French captain was sent off for battering Marco Materazzi with his bald head.

Justin Bieber Joins Neymar And Rafinha On The Pitch

Check out what happened when Justin Bieber dropped in at Camp Nou to play some football with Neymar. He is actually pretty good (maybe not surprisingly after we uncovered this video of him juggling with Neymar earlier this year).

Given that Neymar and Bieber appear to be fast friends, we expect to see more Bieber soccer highlights soon.

Cristiano Ronaldo Apparently Wakes Up With More Energy Than Anyone Ever

When a normal person wakes up, there's a process to be gone through before one gets enough energy to go outside and be a person. Generally there's some combination of a shower, breakfast, coffee and maybe exercise before one is ready to meet the day. Humans are ike diesel engines. It takes us a while to get properly revved up.

Except for Cristiano Ronaldo, who may not even be a human, just a 6'2" bundle of pure energy, hair gel and abs, and who gets out of bed like no human being before him.

CR7 Is Going Ham On The Pitch, On Social Media Before El Clasico

At this point, we should all be familiar with the continuous vacuum of noise surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo. Detractors claim he’s not the player he once was, Ronaldo scores eight La Liga goals in four matches. Haters claim that he’s egotistical and self-obsessed, he shows just how good this has made him and what it’s earned him.  

England vs. Spain Descends Into A Series Of Mannequin Challenges

With England and Spain both enjoying comfortable starts to their World Cup qualifying campaigns (England sit atop Group F, Spain Group G), the two nations played out a meaningless, feel good friendly at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday. The real battle was played without the football, as both teams submitted their entries to the mannequin challenge.

Will Donald Trump's Presidency Impact The Future of Women's Soccer?

If Hillary Clinton was elected president, we all know she would have helped America move closer to women’s rights and equality. But Donald Trump won the election instead. So, what does this mean for women’s soccer? Will Trump continue to insult and treat women poorly? Will his presidency create a bigger gap between the two genders? Will we move further away from equal pay? It hasn’t even been 48 hours and we already have so many questions…

The Soccer World Reacts To Donald Trump's Presidency

Yes, it is true. Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. 

This election will go down in history, as America has elected an outsider with no previous political or military experience. Many soccer players expressed their opinions and reactions on Twitter during the election as well as after the news broke about Donald Trump winning the election. So here’s a list of Tweets from soccer players: