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DeAndre Yedlin’s Tea Party Was A Real Rager According To Twitter

DeAndre Yedlin put in another brilliant performance for Newcastle United over the weekend, showing his defensive qualities in a 1-0 victory over Derby with a blocked shot, six tackles and 10 clearances, including one off the goal line. 

Here’s How MLS Player Acquisition Works And Your Eyes Will Bleed

When we read about things like allocation lists, sums of targeted and general allocation money and the processes of discovery and re-entry in MLS, we usually just smile, nod our heads in feigned understanding, and murmur things like “But of course.” In truth, it’s all terribly confusing and best left to the poor sporting directors and player personnel managers who need to assemble an entire roster for $3.845 million.

The Soccer World Reacts To The Patriots Super Bowl Comeback On Twitter

Yesterday, the New England Patriots took on the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. Everyone was ready to call it quits at halftime when the Falcons were crushing the Pats 28-3. But, the game is not over until the ref blows the final whistle, and when the time came and the ref blew the final whistle the game was tied up at 28-28. Coach Bill Belichick must have had one hell of a half time speech for his team because the Pats returned to the field after half with a whole new perspective. 

It was a surprise to everyone, but the Patriots came through and won their fifth NFL title.

Salt Bae Is Loving How Footballers Are Seasoning Their Goals

Turkish chef Nusret Gokce, better known as Salt Bae, is appreciative of how he’s taken over football with his finesse with the salt. After breaking Meme Land and sending the Twitter-verse into meltdown with GIFs that reciprocated the happenstance of life with arousing seasoning, we’ve come to know Salt Bae a little more.


NY Red Bulls Troll Frank Lampard On Retirement, English Media Can’t Handle It

The holier-than-thou footballing mentality of the English came to the fore when Frank Lampard announced his retirement Thursday. Lampard, who was slated by all of England during the 2006 World Cup and booed at Wembley during their disastrous Euro 2008 qualifying campaign, is a living legend, but he didn’t die on Tuesday, he just won’t be playing for NYCFC anymore.

There's A New Freestyler In Town, And She Shows Us Age Is Just A Number

Cristiano Ronaldo Is Wearing Sunglasses

Cristiano Ronaldo is the king of footballer brooding tweet selfies. Here's one with his head in a bush. Here's one on a couch/bed thing in a very uncomfortable-looking position. Here's one with him wearing a coat incorrectly.

The Most Beautiful Beach Soccer Photos You'll Ever See

Sometimes winter just reminds us of how much we miss summer. There’s nothing better than sandy toes, salty hair and a pickup soccer game on the beach as the sun starts to set. Let us help you daydream about those sunny, tropical, careless days with some of the most beautiful beach soccer photos we’ve ever seen. Sit back, relax and scroll. Unless you are one of the lucky ones and live in a warm place by a beach, then go grab a soccer ball and make us proud. 

USMNT Captain Michael Bradley Hits Out At Trump’s Muslim Ban

While United States Soccer Federation President Sunil Gulati has declined to comment on U.S. Soccer’s stance towards Donald Trump’s executive order to ban the entry of citizens from seven different Muslim countries, USMNT captain Michael Bradley criticized Trump with a heartfelt message on Instagram. 

Mexico Captain Rafa Marquez Responds To Donald Trump's Proposed Border Wall

You know about the wall, right? The big border wall between the USA and Mexico that our president wants built because reasons and reportedly might pay for by driving the prices up on everything imported from Mexico?

Yeah, that wall. Mexico captain Rafa Marquez is not impressed with the wall.