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Feast Your Eyes On Cristiano Ronaldo Sitting On A Bugatti Veyron

As a flashy rich person, Cristiano Ronaldo obviously owns a lot of cool cars, but there is no car cooler than the Bugatti Veyron. The Veyron is the second-fastest street-legal car in the world and is capable of killing a driver who isn't careful in an instant. It's also, at a cool $1.5 million, so expensive urchin sportswriters like me aren't even allowed to look at it in person.

But that's why we have Cristiano Ronaldo, who has no problem buying such a car and showing it to his legions of adoring fans via social media.

Conan O'Brien Meets Giovani Dos Santos To Show Him The Ways Of "El Gato"

I'm going to be honest, I haven't watched Conan O'Brien in ages, although Late Night with Conan O'Brien was a staple of my younger years. If there's one thing that Conan does better than any other host, it's getting outside the studio and messing with people. 

Mamadou Sakho Is Holding A Lion In Dubai Because His Life Is Better Than Yours

Most high-profile footballers live decadent lives, mostly playing a child's game in front of thousands of fawning fans and lounging on boats in exotic locations. Crystal Palace central defender Mamadou Sakho (on loan from Liverpool) takes that to a whole new level.

With Crystal Palace not in action this weekend, Sakho used his break time to go to the United Arab Emirates and do some cool stuff. Here he is holding a lion:

David Luiz Lays Out Chelsea TV Reporter

David Luiz is no stranger to being absolutely hilarious. He used to combine his nuance for comedy both on and off the pitch, but now that’s he’s strictly business in defense for Chelsea, we’ve been limited to moments like this one here.

Shot-Stopping Hero Dad And Son Get To Visit Burnley Training Ground

Adam Haworth and his superdad were invited to the Barnfield Training Center, home of Burnley FC, after the video of Adam’s dad saving his son from an errant shot went viral last Sunday. 

Eight Iranian Women Dress As Men To Sneak Into Men-Only Football Game

In Iran, women are banned from attending soccer games in a co-ed setting. Even though the sport is popular across both sexes and there is no official ban on women going to sporting events, soccer stadiums are a male-only affair. Women are regularly denied access at the door, making it impossible for them to attend any sporting event. 

Iran argues that the ban against women in the same sporting stadiums as men is necessary because it protects them from fighting and rude language that might spread within the stands.

Man Utd Players Surprise Young GK With Cerebral Palsy In Inspiring Video

Eleven-year-old Samuel suffers from cerebral palsy and cannot walk without assistance, but he doesn’t let his condition stop him from pursuing his dreams. Manchester United inspires the young goalkeeper, but at the end of the day, Samuel is an inspiration to all of us.

Sam revealed, “Having cerebral palsy is very hard, and playing football is a bit difficult but I don’t really take that as a big issue, I just get on with it.” 

Ellen DeGeneres Gives The Gift Of Soccer To Eight-Year-Old Man City Fan

Ellen DeGeneres welcomed back eight-year-old Kai Langer to her show this past Tuesday after he'd gone viral in 2013. He came to sing but encountered more surprises than he ever could've imagined. Not only did he get to meet pop singer Ed Sheeran, but he also left with a birthday gift no one saw coming. 

Liga MX Games Will Be Streamed Live On Facebook Starting Later This Month

Non-Spanish-speaking Liga MX fans will be thrilled to hear Univision is going to start live-streaming games in English on their Facebook page. The streams will only be available in the USA, and will begin with Saturday's Superclasico between Chivas Guadalajara and Club America.

Liga MX is one of the most popular leagues in the world, both in terms of attendance and TV ratings (it outdraws even the EPL in the United States).