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LA Galaxy Rightfully And Hilariously Mock Portland Timbers' Divers

The LA Galaxy challenged the Portland Timbers, and our MLS Rankings of Power, by posting a disparaging meme aimed at Diego Chara and David Guzman after the two combined to get Jelle Van Damme sent off on Sunday.

Van Damme was booked for both tackles although he made contact with neither player. Guzman actually spectacularly injured himself with his dive, which is another joke in and of itself.

Chicharito Is Bald Now

Chicharito lost a Super Bowl bet. We've all been there. We've all had to do some silly stunt or say something outlandish in a public place or, in the case of the Bayer Leverkusen striker, shave our head.

Alberto Moreno's New Tattoos, Ranked

Alberto Moreno got some new tattoos. The man is running out of places on his body to put them, but he found a way. They are very nice tattoos. One is of a tiger wearing a bandana. One is of a panda wearing a monocle. One is of a dog wearing bocing gloves. They are all winners.

Neymar Rips Into Adrien Rabiot On Social Media, Confirming That PSG Will Never Live This Down

Wednesday’s historic match between Barcelona and PSG has already entered footballing lore alongside Germany’s 7-1 destruction of Brazil and Portugal’s improbable victory over France. These are matches that, in today’s day and age, will always provide us with a good laugh and meme. PSG’s capitulation is now part of the comical DNA of the game.

Sweden National Team Celebrates International Women's Day With New Inspirational Jerseys

Sweden’s national women’s team will no longer display their names on the back of their football shirts, but don’t worry the new jerseys will not disappoint.

You Can't Just Pee Wherever You Want In Hamburg's Stadium

Ah, Germany, the land of order and organization, logic and reason. You know, or not.

We bring to you this alarming tweet from Bundesliga club Hamburger SV:

Mix Diskerud Wrote A Poem About NYCFC

Mix Diskerud may not be long for the city that never sleeps, if a poem he posted on Instagram is any indication.

At least if the whole soccer thing doesn't work out, which from the looks of the poem it might not, he'll have a future in brooding and smoking some kind of obscure, disgusting tobacco.

You Cannot Unsee These 28 Hilarious Soccer Photos

Some pictures are worth a thousand words, some pictures tell a story and some are just unexplainable. So, if you're looking for pictures that will leave you as confused as ever, then you've come to the right place. We found a collection of soccer related photos that will just make you say WTF. So just keep scrolling, here are 28 photos that you won't want to miss...or do you? 

David McCracken Works Out In Traffic . . . In The Middle Of A Snowstorm

Falkirk captain David McCracken found himself stranded on a highway in the middle of a traffic jam caused by UK’s latest snowstorm. Storm Doris prevented McCracken from attending his club’s morning training session. Despite the snow covered highway, the 35-year-old decided to make the most out of the problematic situation. 

Determined to get his workout in, the Scottish footballer ditched his vehicle and started stretching in-between the surrounding cars, which we're now calling the David McCracken Snowstorm Workout.

The 15 Most Stylish Footballers On Instagram

The world’s most popular sport is made up of more than just talent. These footballers have proven to us that they have swag on the field as well as off it. These 15 players ditched the athletic wear and replaced it with a whole bunch of style. Their sweaters, shades and shoes are giving us some serious style goals. Take a look at the most stylish footballers on Instagram.