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Carli Lloyd Needs To Follow Tom Brady And Unretire So She Stops Shit-Talking Her Former Teammates

This week, Tom Brady decided to end his one-month retirement and return to the NFL. Carli Lloyd should do the same, just so she finds something else to put her energy into besides sticking her foot in her mouth. 

Carli Lloyd ended an illustrious career last fall, hanging up her cleats after winning two Women’s World Cups, two Olympic gold medals and FIFA World Player of the Year in 2015. She retired as the second-most capped USWNT player and in the top five in goals and assists in USWNT history. 

Alexis Vega Reveló El Violento Asalto Que Sufrió A Punta De Pistola: "Sentí Frío"

A Jesús Angulo no solo le encanta jugar fútbol. En su tiempo libre, el Canelo también disfruta creando contenido que luego comparte en su canal de YouTube. Famoso es su video probando las camas "antisexo" de los Juegos Olímpicos de Tokio y ahora su emprendimiento como podcaster, donde entrevista a varios de sus compañeros de Chivas.

MLS Launches Historic Partnership With Black Banks; Here’s Why It Matters

Black Players for Change formed in response to nationwide protests following the murder of George Floyd by a police officer in 2020. An independent organization of more than 170 players, coaches and staff in Major League Soccer, the BPC aims to “bridge the racial equality gap” in American society. 

On Thursday, MLS announced one of the organization’s biggest wins yet, a $25 million loan from a syndicate of Black banks. The landmark deal will help bridge that racial economic gap in ways never done before in American professional sports. 

The Hand Of God: Journalists In Ukraine Saved By Diego Maradona Tattoo

Amidst the coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a group of South American journalists had a tense and scary encounter with local authorities, but after some interrogation and anxiety, a Diego Maradona tattoo helped to deescalate the situation. 

Daniel Matamala, a news anchor for CNN Chile, was one of the journalists detained. Once released, he told the story through his Instagram account. 

A Hernán Cristante Lo Llaman Héroe Por Su Increíble Rol En El Caos Entre Querétaro Y Atlas

En medio de la barbarie que obligó a suspender el partido entre Querétaro y Atlas -y toda la Jornada 9 de la Liga MX- también hubo momentos profundamente humanos, gestos que hacen pensar que en esta vida no todo está perdido.

Uno de los protagonistas de esos instantes, por cierto, fue nada menos que Hernán Cristante, entrenador de los Gallos Blancos. El DT hoy se lleva elogios y hasta el calificativo de "héroe" por las acciones que hizo para proteger a varias familias de Atlas de los violentos incidentes que se producían en el Estadio La Corregidora. 

Querétaro Corre Riesgo De Ser Desafiliado Tras Los Salvajes Incidentes En La Corregidora

La pena continúa en México luego de los perturbadores actos de violencia vividos durante el partido entre el Querétaro y el Atlas en la Liga MX.

Violencia Desbocada: Lo Que Sabemos De La Barbárica Riña Entre Fans Del Querétaro Y El Atlas

El eslogan "Grita x La Paz" del torneo Clausura 2022 de la Liga MX hoy fue completamente pisoteado durante los dramáticos actos de violencia vividos durante el partido entre Querétaro y Atlas, en el Estadio La Corregidora.

Did Ricardo Pepi Just Like A Racist Tweet Against Mexicans?

USMNT young star, Ricardo Pepi, is in hot water after allegedly liking a racist tweet against Mexican people. The extra layer in the story? Pepi was born in El Paso, Texas, to Mexican parents, and in Aug. 2021, he decided to represent the United States over El Tri. 

Ricardo Pepi's Twitter controversy

Before jumping to a conclusion, this is what we know.

Roman Abramovich Says He’s Selling Chelsea, Donating Proceeds To Ukraine Victims

LONDON — Russian businessman Roman Abramovich said on Wednesday he had decided to sell Chelsea Football Club, 19 years after buying the London side, and promised to donate money from the sale to help victims of the war in Ukraine.

USWNT Players Used Their Trip To Texas To Make A Strong Statement To Gov. Abbott

The USWNT just won a landmark settlement to end its long battle with U.S. Soccer for pay equity on Tuesday. On Wednesday night, many of those players were back using their platform to bring attention to another human rights issue: transgender rights.