This Kid Nutmegged His Baby Sister And It Was Glorious

This my friends is the nutmeg to end all nutmegs. Instagram account @jay172009 posted this gem a couple days ago. It not only incapsulates the definition of a nutmeg, but it also perfectly shows how savage a sibling rivalry can be.

Keep your head on a swivel, folks. You never know when a nutmeg is a couple steps away.

Watch This Defender Get Owned So Hard He Gives Up On Life

There are ownings, and then there are OWNINGS. This video shows an example of the latter, which caused two defenders to completely give up on life.

The Mystery Of How To Defend Neymar Has Been Solved

Playing on Thursday night in Sao Paulo in a charity match for the victims of the Chapecoense plane crash, Brazilian defender Fred finally figured out a tactic to slow Neymar down, at least momentarily.

Yannick Carrasco Ruined Santiago Arias' Thanksgiving

They don't have Thanksgiving in the Netherlands, but, if they did, Santiago Arias' Thanksgiving would be ruined by Yannick Carrasco.

Look at what Carrasco did to this poor man.