Wesley Sneijder lo admite: #NoEraPenal

A la espera del proximo enfrentamiento del Tri ante Argentina, los mexicanos presentes en Catar han encontrado diferentes maneras de entretenerse.

Entre partidos, varios se han tomado el tiempo de conocer más sobre el país anfitrión, salir de fiesta, asistir a otros partidos y hasta aclarar cuentas con un viejo conocido no muy bien recordado del fútbol mexicano.

Brasil pierde a Neymar por el resto de la fase de grupos del Mundial

No todo fue alegría en la victoria 2-0 de Brasil sobre Serbia. Neymar acabó con su tobillo derecho como una bola y el cuerpo médico de la selección sudamericana confirmó este viernes que el jugador se perderá el resto de la fase de grupos del Mundial.

Así como lo lees, no habrá Neymar ante Suiza y tampoco habrá Neymar ante Camerún.

Lesión de Neymar

Neymar recibió un total de nueve faltas ante los serbios, convirtiéndose en el futbolista más golpeado en la Copa del Mundo.

Iran defeats Wales with two stoppage time goals to throw group B in total chaos

The Iran national team proved to the world the talent it possesses with an incredible 2-0 victory vs. Wales on Friday. Iran’s goals came in the 99th and 101st minutes after dominating the Dragons all game.

The Wales national team looked atrocious, disjointed and unlike themselves as they were completely outplayed against Iran. Iran hit both posts in the game, forced great saves out of Welsh goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey (who was shown a red card in the 86th minute) and found the win at the end.

Flying knee left Saudi defender with a fractured jaw, broken facial bones and internal bleeding

Saudi defender Yasser Al-Shahrani was one of the stars in the surprising 2-1 win over Argentina. However, the player was not able to celebrate the victory properly after suffering a nasty facial injury. So bad that he was taken off the field on a stretcher and then flown home for surgery.

Saudi Yasser Al-Shahrani injury

The whole sequence was hard to see.

Antonio Rüdiger’s goofy running form will never not be funny

Japan shocked the world and defeated Germany 2-1 in the team’s opening World Cup game on Wednesday to get their 2022 tournament on track. My personal favorite moment of the match was German defender Antonio Rüdiger sprinting with his hilarious running form.

Rüdiger Sprint Form vs. Japan

USA predicted starting lineup vs. England

After a 1-1 draw against Wales that took a couple years off our collective lives, the USMNT returns with a blockbuster match against England on Black Friday. It's time for a USA lineup prediction vs England at the World Cup, because we certainly won't see the same selections against Wales from manager Gregg Berhalter.  

Kylian Mbappé proves he’s human after skying an easy goal to the 30th row

Kylian Mbappé was his silky brilliant self on Tuesday during France’s 4-1 victory against Australia. That is except for one moment in the 45th minute when a shockingly uncharacteristic Mbappé miss took place.

Mbappé Miss vs. Australia

The ghosts of Argentina's recent past return after shocking Saudi Arabia defeat

Argentina's path to a third World Cup title got off to a disastrous start Tuesday after Saudi Arabia shocked the South American champions with a 2-1 upset that sent Lionel Messi and La Albiceleste hurtling back into traumatic memories of Iceland, Croatia, France and Chile. 

No es broma: Arabia Saudita derrota a la Argentina de Messi en la primera gran sorpresa del Mundial

Pasó lo que nadie imaginaba que pasaría. Arabia Saudita dio la primera gran sorpresa del Mundial luego de derrotar 2-1 a una Argentina que llegó a Catar como candidata al título y con una impresionante racha de 36 partidos internacionales invicta.

Repetimos, no es una broma.

El resultado – no está demás decir– le agrega una dosis extra de pimienta al Grupo C, que es también el de Polonia y México.