Red Card

NY Red Bulls Player Makes Things Worse By Entering Stands After Kicking Ball In Girl's Face

When a professional footballer is asked to describe their worst nightmare, the response of "having my own fans chant 'asshole' at me" would probably be considered a totally irrational fear. But that's exactly what happened to New York Red Bulls midfielder Dru Yearwood on Saturday night at Red Bull Arena while getting sent off in his team's 2-0 defeat to Philadelphia. 

Goalkeeper Sent Off For Peeing In A Bush During FA Cup Match

Goalkeeper Connor Maseko was sent off for urinating in a hedge during an English FA Cup first-round qualifying match on Saturday.

Maseko, playing for ninth-tier Blackfield & Langley, was shown a red card in the 76th minute of the goalless draw with Shepton Mallet.

After the ball went out for a goal kick, Maseko needed to use the toilet and decided to go up against a hedge. He was seen by Shepton Mallet players who drew the incident to the attention of the referee.

Virgil Van Dijk's Red Card Worthy Challenge On Amadou Onana

Virgil van Dijk has had a turbulent start to the Premier League campaign – falling behind on points with Liverpool, having below par performances and being clowned on social media.

His bad form, along with the whole team, is apparent and mistimed tackles like these can’t tell us otherwise.

Soccer Dad Assaults Ref In Arizona While Son Threatens To Kill The Official

A youth soccer match at the Graham County Fairgrounds in Safford, Arizona, ended with deputies being called to the scene after multiple reports of a parent tackling the referee before his 17-year-old son threatened the official with gun violence. 

According to witnesses, the referee was separating two players who were fighting on the field when the suspect, identified as Michael W. Goodwin, told the ref not to touch his son and tackled him.

True Story: A Player In Uruguay Could Lose A Kidney After Brutal Kick

We all remember Nigel de Jong's kung-fu kick over Xabi Alonso's chest in the 2010 World Cup. Well, in Uruguay, there was a very similar play last weekend but 10 times worse. So bad that the player fouled is in the hospital and could lose one of his kidneys.

No kidding.

Referee In Ecuador Gets Punched After Calling A Last Minute Penalty

It has unfortunately become more common seeing referees around the world be assaulted and harassed for doing nothing less than their job. This time, it happened in Ecuador.

In Saturday’s LigaPro game between Macará and Aucas, Héctor Lautaro Chiriboga, Macará’s goalkeeper coach, punched the referee, Álex Cejas, after he went to the VAR and called a penalty for the visitors in the last minute of the game.

Chiriboga confronted him, got the red, pushed him to the ground, got held back, separated and still thought it was a good idea to punch him. Absolutely deplorable.

¡Paliza En El Azteca! América Destruye A Cruz Azul Con Un Histórico 7-0

Fútbol champagne y goles para todos los gustos. América humilló a Cruz Azul en el Estadio Azteca con un ¡7-0! que se convirtió en la mayor goleada en la historia del Clásico Joven.


Las Águilas se encontraron con un equipo que venía con la moral baja – tres derrotas consecutivas – y al verlo como zombie desde el primer minuto, no le tuvo un gramo de piedad. 

Fue un concierto coral y cuya máxima expresión fue el hecho de que los siete goles los hicieron siete jugadores diferentes.

Union Omaha Goalkeeper Scores From His Own Box!

History has been made in USL League One. Just 26 seconds into their match against North Carolina FC, Union Omaha goalkeeper Kevin Piedrahita scored off a punt from his own box.

Hamburger Player Kicks Opponent In Stomach After Nearly Getting His Shorts Pulled Off — Gets Red Card

Hamburger SV forward Aaron Opoku was sent off during his team’s 2-1 defeat to Darmstadt on Friday after he lashed out at an opponent. 

With his side trailing 2-0 in the 64th minute but up a man, Opoku was starting an attack for Hamburger. Darmstadt’s Fabian Holland couldn’t slow down Opoku and as a last resort he grabbed onto the forward’s shorts and held on for dear life.

Opoku was pissed. Royally pissed. What happened next is a quick lesson on how to get all your teammates to dislike you.

La Liga MX Hizo Lo Que Tenía Que Hacer: Castiga A Árbitro Y Le Borra Roja A Seba Jurado

La comisión disciplinaria de la Liga MX hizo lo que moralmente estaba obligada a hacer y borró la escandalosa tarjeta roja que recibió el arquero Sebastián Jurado en la derrota de Cruz Azul ante Toluca, habilitándolo así para el próximo duelo de La Máquina ante Xolos.

La polémica expulsión del arquero – que significó el penal con que los Diablos Rojos lograron el triunfo en el último minuto de juego – ha estado en el centro del debate. Tanto por lo absurdo de la decisión, como también por ser un ejemplo del mal momento que vive el referato en México y lo mal que se usa el VAR.