Zlatan Says If He Was An NFL Player He Would Basically Be Gronk

Leading up to the Super Bowl, Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic had a conversation with retired NFL player Osi Umenyiora, who asked the Swede what position he would play if he were in the NFL.

Here's Zlatan's answer: “The guy who makes the difference. I’d be the one who catches the ball. Maybe I wouldn’t be so fast but I would be like a bull and run through all of them.”

4 USMNT Players Got Married Right Before Leaving For January Camp

Yes, professional soccer players have lives off the pitch and get married like every other human beings. But, with their mandatory practices and long trips on the road, how do they find the time to get married?

USMNT Captain Michael Bradley Hits Out At Trump’s Muslim Ban

While United States Soccer Federation President Sunil Gulati has declined to comment on U.S. Soccer’s stance towards Donald Trump’s executive order to ban the entry of citizens from seven different Muslim countries, USMNT captain Michael Bradley criticized Trump with a heartfelt message on Instagram. 

FIFA Technical Director Looking At Hockey-Style Shootouts, Four Quarters, Orange Cards And Abolishing Offside

Everyone, in lazy idleness, allows their mind to drift. You might start thinking about what a cat’s face might look like on the body of an elephant or if we had arms where our legs should be and legs for arms. The mind just wanders into strange territory. 

Felipe Melo Gave The Most Shocking Press Conference Of The Year

It’s no secret that Brazilian midfielder Felipe Melo is not one of the friendliest guys to go up against on the pitch. Still, his first press conference as a Palmeiras player was nothing short of shocking.

The former Galatasaray and Internazionale player started out by saying the media was to blame for his bad-boy reputation.

Christian Pulisic Scores Again And Is Praised By Manager Thomas Tuchel

Christian Pulisic scored another goal for Borussia Dortmund in a friendly over the Bundesliga winter break, notching the opener in his sides 3-0 victory over Belgium’s Standard Liege.

For Pulisic, it was his second goal in two games following his strike against PSV Eindhoven last weekend

Even Carli Lloyd Was Shocked At Winning The FIFA Player Of The Year Award

Carli Lloyd had quite the year before adding another international award to her name. Early in 2016, Lloyd released her autobiography When Nobody Was Watching: My Hard-Fought Journey To The Top Of The Soccer World. It was a book that reflected on her family falling-out as well as the struggles and sacrifices she encountered as she rose to the top. 

Ronaldinho’s Heartfelt Letter To His Younger Self Reveals His Advice To Lionel Messi

In a moving and heartfelt article for The Players’ Tribune entitled “Letter to My Younger Self”, Ronaldinho has recounted the remarkable stages of his globetrotting career; from the death of his father as an eight-year-old to the highs of representing the Brazilian national team and winning the Ballon d’Or with Barcelona. 

Jose Mourinho Urges For The Use Of Video Replay In Football

FIFA’s Video Assistant Referee system debuted at the FIFA Club World Cup to mixed reviews, but that hasn’t stopped Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho from issuing a strong plea to move forward with the technology.

Speaking with FIFA.com ahead of The Best FIFA Football Awards, Mourinho was asked for his view on the system.

Xavi Claims Catalonia Would Be A Top Team And LOOK AT THAT STARTING XI

Catalonia, the autonomous community located in the eastern extremity of Spain with Barcelona serving as the capital and largest city, has advocated for its independence since the Spanish Civil War. With some political and cultural autonomy, as well as prevalent use of the Catalan language, it's followed suite that the region has its own national football team.

However, Catalonia is not affiliated with either FIFA or UEFA, disqualifying them from participating in the World Cup or European Championship.