Premier League To Return With Quadruple-Headers Every Saturday And Sunday

Early Thursday morning, it was confirmed that the Premier League would resume play on Wednesday, June 17. We now have more information regarding the Premier League TV schedule USA for June, and we’re in for a madcap finish to the 2019-20 season: quadruple-headers every Saturday and Sunday with additional matches being played on Friday, Monday and during the midweek.

Europe — Way Behind CONCACAF In Many Ways — Finally Bows Down To Alphonso Davies

As Bayern Munich moved one step closer to an eighth straight Bundesliga title, the world familiarized itself with 19-year-old Canadian phenom Alphonso Davies. One standout moment from Bayern’s victory over Borussia Dortmund on Tuesday was the left back tracking way, way back in a matter of seconds to take the ball off Erling Haaland just as the fellow prodigy shaped to shoot.

So just how fast is Alphonso Davies?

Who’s Allowed Inside Stadiums When The Bundesliga Returns? The Breakdown

The Bundesliga season restarts on May 16, making it the first major European league to resume amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but the German Football League (DFL) said fans will not be allowed in stadiums. 

Following are the people allowed inside the stadiums as well as the protocols and requirements for Bundesliga clubs to host matches at their stadiums. 

The Bundesliga Returns: USA TV Schedule, Streaming Info, Dates And Times

The Bundesliga resumes action on Saturday, May 16, with the added intrigue of being one of Europe’s most tightly contested title races. Bayern Munich, in hot pursuit of its eighth straight Meisterschale, has a four-point lead over Borussia Dortmund with nine matches remaining, but both Leipzig and Gladbach are within six points of the leader.

Liverpool Maintains Course For Earliest Premier League Triumph Ever

They’re calling Liverpool’s Premier League title challenge a procession because that’s exactly what it is. For whatever reason, that’s come to be seen as a howl of despair from neutrals, as though Liverpool’s brilliance is setting off an ennui inside us all that can only be rectified by allowing offside goals scored against the Reds to stand.  

It’s Probably For The Best That Vicks VapoRub Has Disappeared From The Game

It used to be a common sight in football, particularly if you had Arsenal on the television and midfield enforcer Patrick Vieira was out there crunching people: a gobshite stain between the nips of players that was actually a hearty application of Vicks VapoRub.

There was a common misconception that the lovely bit of goo was actually mucus, which is a decent enough shout given footballers’ love for blowing delicious snot rockets.

Someone Out There Legitimately Doesn't Know If Lionel Messi Is Alive

We've already covered the top questions for Cristiano Ronaldo, so now it's time to delve into what people want to know about soccer’s other great, Lionel Messi. The questions range from his jumping abilities to if Messi is still alive. Instead of the top searches, here's a list with five of the oddest Messi searches.

We Answer Google's Most-Asked Cristiano Ronaldo Questions

Cristiano Ronaldo is arguable the biggest and most well-known athlete on the planet. He dominates on the field, in business and on social media. On Instagram alone, if Ronaldo’s followers were a country it would be the eighth most-populated country. With such fame comes questions. Here are the most-asked Cristiano Ronaldo questions and some of the answers.