Las Llamadas En Zoom No Alcanzaron: Tata Martino No Quiere A Chicharito En El Mundial

Hace unas semanas, las opciones de ver a Javier Hernández defendiendo a México en el Mundial 2022 recibieron una gota de esperanza cuando el entrenador del Tri, Gerardo Martino, reconoció que hablaría con el jugador para limar las aperezas que eventualmente alejaron a Chicharito de la selección.

Sin embargo, dos conversaciones vía Zoom después, las puertas para el delantero vuelven a cerrarse. 

New Paulo Dybala Transfer to Roma Shocks Juventus Fans

Seven seasons after joining the club, Paulo Dybala has completed his move away from Juventus. He will be playing for AS Roma following months of speculation and near guarantees that he would be moving to Inter Milan. But what happened? How did this beautiful marriage fall apart and crumble so quickly and so catastrophically?

Just How Hot Is Qatar? Hot But Not Sweltering Temps Will Be The Norm At World Cup

Scorching temperatures are one of the many reasons Qatar is the most controversial World Cup host of all time. During June and July, the months in which the World Cup is traditionally held, temperatures in the Arab nation peak around 120 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature at which, unsurprisingly, it is simply unsafe to play a 90+ minute soccer match.

How A Pulisic Transfer Fits Into The European Merry-Go-Round

At present, the European football transfer revolving door is in full swing. Players are looking for new clubs and clubs are looking for new players with massive transfer fees flowing in the opposite direction. With many new confirmed transfers emerging in recent days, it seems that a move for Champions League winner Christian Pulisic could be on the cards.

When Are Yellow Cards Wiped In World Cup 2022? — A Brief History Of Yellow Card Accrual

Yellow cards — the fine line between professional or consistent fouls and a sending off — are a part of almost every match, especially at the World Cup when the stakes are highest. Accruing yellow cards will get a player suspended, leading to the question: When are yellow cards wiped in World Cup 2022? 

World Cup Stadiums Will Be Alcohol Free In Qatar

DOHA - Qatar's World Cup stadiums are set to be alcohol-free, with beer sales outside arenas only allowed before and after some matches, a source with knowledge of plans for the soccer tournament said.

This year's World Cup is the first to be held in a Muslim country with strict controls on alcohol, presenting unique challenges for organizers of an event often associated with beer drinking fans and sponsored by global brewing brands.

Are Qatar World Cup Stadiums Air Conditioned?

Among a laundry list of other problems, one of the more practical issues facing the on-field play of the 2022 World Cup is the temperature. After FIFA announced Qatar would host the tournament, many critics immediately pointed out that temperatures regularly exceed 113 F during the summer months. To ease concern and combat these fears, FIFA made the decision to move the tournament to the winter and announced there would be air conditioning inside the stadiums, yet several questions remain.

Watford Cancels Friendly Against Qatar Over Human Rights; Qatar Says It Didn’t Want Them Anyway

Watford has canceled a friendly match against the Qatar national team, the English club said on Monday after two supporters' groups voiced concerns about the country's human rights record.

The two groups — Women of Watford (WOW) and Proud Hornets — had urged the club to display its support for "all human rights, the LGBT+ community and women's rights" at the game but the fixture will no longer take place.