Once England's Top Prospect, Ravel Morrison Will Join Liga MX In Bid To Revive His Career

No matter where Ravel Morrison goes or what he does with his career, there’ll always follow a quote from former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson regarding his prodigious talents as a teenager: “Sadly, there are examples of players who have similar backgrounds to [Ryan] Giggs or Cristiano Ronaldo, who, despite enormous talent, just aren’t emotionally or mentally strong enough to overcome the hurts of their childhood and their inner demons.

Hopefully 15-Year-Old Sporting KC Signing Gianluca Busio Isn't The Next Freddy Adu

Hey everybody, hop on the hype train, there’s plenty of room. Gianluca Busio is going to be the American Pelé and nothing is going to stop him. He definitely won’t flame out and play for a dozen clubs in a disappointing, prematurely ending career. He won’t, because we’ll force him, Robot Chicken style, to watch Freddy Adu highlights one after another. 

If You Can Legally Drink A Beer, Nike Thinks You're Too Old To Wear These Cleats

On August 21st, Nike released a new color pack called Rising Fast in their five most popular styles. If you can drink alcohol legally, play blackjack in Vegas, or have a horizontal ID Nike doesn't want you wearing their latest cleats. That is, if you're a professional Nike athlete. 

Christian Pulisic Named Bundesliga Player Of The Week

Guys, I think the Christian Pulisic secret is out. America's Great Hope scored a goal and collected an assist this weekend in Borussia Dortmund's 3-0 win over Wolfsburg, which was good enough to earn the 18-year-old Man of the Matchday honors for matchday one in the Bundesliga.

Pulisic is going to be hard for the rest of the world to ignore after scoring this:

Our Christian Pulisic Hype Meter Is Threatening To Off Itself

Hey, so this is going well, don’t you think? To be honest, it's really going too well. Our Pulisic-O-Meter wasn't designed well enough to withstand this breakneck pace of USMNT wins in the Bundesliga. 

After scoring against Bayern Munich in the German Super Cup to jump-start his 2017-18 season, Christian Pulisic opened his league campaign with a goal and an assist against Wolfsburg on Saturday.

Claudio Reyna’s 14-Year-Old Son Giovanni Is An Incredibly Impressive Talent

When you’re the son of a player considered by many to be the most composed and technically gifted in a country’s footballing history, you’re going to garner some attention out on the pitch. But Giovanni Reyna, son of USMNT legend Claudio, is clearly an exceptionally gifted 14-year-old.