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These Non-Soccer Fans Give Hilarious Responses To Soccer Questions

There is no doubt about it, the sport of soccer is growing in the United States. New MLS teams are popping up every season, MLS attendance is on the rise and events like the Premier League and Champions League have great viewing numbers for NBC Sports and FOX. 

5 Soccer Stars Who Have Minor Planets Named After Them

Some players just transcend the game. Others transcend the planet. While most astronomical objects discovered in the past couple decades have been given boring names with nothing more than an assortment of letters and numbers, a select few are given names, be it for a famous astronomer from the past, a mother in law or, in this case, a soccer player.

Hundreds of thousands of minor planets — essentially everything orbiting the sun that’s not a planet, dwarf planet or comet — exist in our solar system. Five of them have been named after famous footballers.