Off the Pitch

Is This The Most Cristiano Ronaldo Quote Of All Time?

Cristiano Ronaldo has long since transcended being a simple football player. His dominance on the pitch is matched only by his character off it, shilling everything from fleece blankets to camo underwear

These Are The Best Soccer-Themed Halloween Videos

Hey, it’s Halloween! Aside from tooth decay induced by copious amounts of sugar-loaded candy, that means all your favorite soccer teams are releasing spooky and/or goofy Halloween videos. Horray! We here at The18 have done the hard work of rounding up the best soccer Halloween videos from this week, so grab some bite-sized candy bars and enjoy. 

Huddersfield Coach David Wagner Violated First Rule For Best Man Speeches At Jurgen Klopp’s Wedding

Huddersfield Town coach David Wagner violated the first rule of giving a good best man speech at a wedding. While many things go into an appropriate, meaningful and still funny best man speech, it is absolutely vital that one remain relatively sober during the discourse. At Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp’s wedding in 2005, Wagner did not heed this advice.

Argentinian Defender Sent Off 9 Seconds Into Match

What can a person do in nine seconds?

-Ride a bull long enough for points to be awarded.

-Run Mike D'Antoni's offense.

-Quarter-mile drag race if your car is fast enough.

-Watch that one Miller High Life Super Bowl commercial.

-Decide that "The Chainsmokers" are awful.

-Make a decision that will have UNSEEN REPERCUSSIONS affecting THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.


After Sepp Blatter, 5 Invites Vladimir Putin Needs To Make For The World Cup

Vladimir Putin “would be glad” to see banned FIFA dignitaries Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini at the 2018 World Cup, according to the Russian president’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov. Blatter and Platini have both received lengthy bans from FIFA for their roles in a secret payment made from Blatter’s FIFA to Platini, then the UEFA boss. The two held their posts atop the federations when Russia was awarded the 2018 World Cup (and Qatar for 2022, but that’s another story). 

Behind Enemy Lines: Talking Futbol with Football Fans

It's no secret that soccer fans in America get a lot flak for being fans of such a "lame" sport. We always counter their criticisms of soccer with "it's the most popular sport in the world" and "in football you don't even use your feet 99% of the time". Nevertheless, they still mock us relentlessly, and who does more than the rest? NFL fans.