Pele Gave Us Many Things, But The Bicycle Kick Isn’t One Of Them

We all know that Pele loves nothing more than a bit of Pele. There’s nothing wrong with that. If you spent over 50 years fielding questions exclusively about yourself to an adoring audience, you’d probably think you were the world’s greatest too. It's either that or you have a massive mental breakdown in the face of the enormity of the lie that is your life.

10 Goals That Perfectly Illustrate Pele’s All-Around Greatness

For those not old enough to have witnessed Pele’s pomp during the late 50s, 60s and early 70s, our understanding of the Brazilian icon is almost conditioned. We know he was great for three main reasons: 

Ronaldo Included In FIFA 18 With Ridiculous 2002 World Cup Haircut

The OG Ronaldo, full name Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima, commonly known as the Phenomenon, has been included amongst five new announced FUT Icons for FIFA 18’s Ultimate Team mode. Alongside Pele, Diego Maradona, Lev Yashin (sporting a goalkeeper's cap) and Thierry Henry, we’ve got Ronaldo sporting his extremely fashionable 2002 FIFA World Cup haircut.

Poetic Injustice: The Greatest Goals That Never Were

It doesn’t count on the scoresheet, but there’s something entirely satisfying about seeing an absolute crack smash off the woodwork. As humans, we like loud noises, and nothing makes us ooh and aah more than football’s own version of fireworks — the ball crashing into the crossbar from distance and flying into the heavens. 

Apart from that spectacle, great goals can be denied for a myriad of other reasons: sometimes it’s the referee, sometimes it’s a curmudgeonly defender or goalkeeper and sometimes it’s that idiot Nani.

Soccer Is The Best Form Of Art

Football has had its fair share of beautiful photography over the years, but what if there was a gallery of short, animated moments that illustrated the artfulness of the game? That’s where the Football In Motion Art Gallery comes into play. It’s a shitty name, but it’s one helluva art gallery. 

The Pitch Invading Dog That Won The World Cup

The 1962 FIFA World Cup was the seventh edition of the international competition, and it will long be remembered as the most brutally violent.

An injury to Pele, a match between Chile and Italy that became known as the Battle of Santiago and the inspiration for the use of yellow and red cards to clearly define offenses are some of the lasting legacies of the '62 World Cup in Chile.