FIFA Men's World Cup Winners Ranked From Worst To Best

You know when you’re a young child growing up and your teachers at school or church tell you everyone was created equally and should be respected as such? Well that’s BS when it comes to World Cup winners. 

FIFA has put on 21 World Cups dating back to 1930. In them we’ve had deserving World Cup winners like Brazil in 1970 and Spain in 2010 and some underdog World Cup winners like Uruguay in 1950 or West Germany in 1954. 

Mbappe Congratulated By Pele After Becoming Second Teenager To Score In A World Cup Final

19-year-old France forward Kylian Mbappe put the finishing touches on a blistering World Cup campaign Sunday after scoring his fourth goal of the tournament — the PSG phenom entered the competition with just four international goals to his name. 

With his strike long-range strike against Croatia in the 65th minute, Mbappe joined Pele as the only teenager to have scored in a World Cup final. Pele, at the age of 17, scored a brace as Brazil defeated Sweden 5-2 in the final of the 1958 World Cup. 

Here’s the goal from Mbappe that effectively buried Croatia today. 

Why Do Brazil Soccer Players Go By One Name?

Brazilian soccer players have often gone by one name for more than a century. In the 2018 World Cup, 15 of Brazil's 23 players typically are referred to by a single name. For most players, it means simply going by their first name, like Neymar, or a derivative of their first name, like Marquinhos (Marcos). The practice makes Brazil stand out from most national teams, and there are a few explanations for why Brazil soccer players have just one name.