Ian González Le Pide A Fans Del Toluca Que Lo Abucheen Más Fuerte Tras Grotesco Osote

Todo delantero puede perderse goles. Es parte de los sinsabores del trabajo. Sin embargo, cuando la falta de finiquito se vuelve algo crónico, comienzan los problemas.

Basta ver a Ian González. El español no tuvo un buen semestre con el Toluca y la noche de este martes, en un amistoso ante el Bayer Leverkusen de Alemania, se perdió un par de goles cantados que desataron un furioso enfrentamiento entre él y las tribunas del estadio Nemesio Diez.

Zlatan Ibrahimović Smashes Window Of Team Bus While Hyping Up Milan Fans

The refrain around this season's AC Milan team is that it's built different. After capturing its last league title in 2011, the club's rot — falling from second-place in 2012 to as low as 10th in 2015 — had turned the Rossoneri from European titans to a collection of disbelievers.

Because Selling Jerseys Is Not Enough, Venezia FC Now Offers Fancy, Expensive Swimsuits

Venezia FC is not doing great on the field. With just two games left in the Serie A season, the team is dead last in the standings, and relegation is an unavoidable fate. But, off the pitch, oh boy! The club is shining and thriving because of its trendy fashion ventures. 

ESPN Doing A ManningCast For Golf — Now Do Soccer You Cowards

For those who follow American handegg, Peyton and Eli Manning’s “ManningCast” of Monday Night Football was a huge hit last year, offering fans a different way to watch the NFL. ESPN simultaneously broadcast a traditional broadcast with announcers talking about the game, but for those tired of the usual commentating tropes or less invested in the action, the ManningCast on ESPN2 provided an excellent alternative focused more on entertainment than pure football.

Man Down: Epic Stretcher Fail In Bulgaria Gets Worse And Worse

Win at all costs. Even if you're playing for Balkan Botevgrad in the South-West division of Bulgaria's Third Amateur League, the mantra doesn't change. 

Even if you're entirely safe from relegation and not chasing promotion, which is the current scenario for Balkan Botevgrad, you've got to have the garra charrua inside you. 

The18 Imagined A World Where The MetroStars Still Existed; It Went Downhill From There

What if the MetroStars still existed with their name and logo? What if the New York Red Bulls were as much a figment of our imagination as the U.S. winning a men’s World Cup? Such was the premise many members of The18 staff took and ran with, spending their most productive hours of the day creating New York/New Jersey MetroStars memes.

MetroStars Memes

Canadian Soccer Parent Loses It And Punches 17-Year-Old Referee In The Face During U14 Game

A 17-year-old Quebec soccer referee was assaulted by a soccer parent over the weekend and a video capturing the confrontation has spread on the internet. The incident happened during a U14 soccer game in Dollard-des-Ormeaux outside of Montreal.

Quebec Soccer Referee Punched By Fan