The Worst Flop Of All-Time

Embarrassed? Ashamed? Those are two things that Leeds United midfielder Adryan might be feeling after he sees footage from the club's match against Derby County this past weekend. 

The Brazilian, who is on loan from Flamengo to Leeds United, took a light foul on the foot and took acting to a whole new level. The midfielder who has been compared to Kaka proceeded to act like he was receiving electroshock therapy before he flailed himself from the ground into the air like a dolphin to really, really let the referee know he was fouled.

Brawl Between Russian Hooligans Is Friendly

Some weird stuff goes down in Russia. And this latest news is no exception.

Russian super fans of Spartak Moscow and Dynamo Moscow partake in a tradition unlike any other - and no we’re not talking about a Russian Masters. The two groups of fans meet before their teams play and fight for three minutes. The location is set on a completely abandoned snowy road.

Watch Arsenal Striker Lukas Podolski Practice Headers With A Sea Lion

Previously, this writer would have summed up Lukas Podolski using only this picture:

One of these things is not like the others. (Photo: @Arsenal_Supremo | Twitter)

Goalie Throws A Punch At Referee (VIDEO)

One thing that is a constant in sports is dealing with bad calls from refs. The zebras are a constant target for fans and players when things don’t go a team's way - and, to be fair, they take a lot of heat. Never was this more true than for this referee in a second division match in Bosnia between Buducnosti and Banociva. Bosnian goalkeeper Romeo Mitrovic clearly didn’t agree with the referee’s decision to book him, so he decided he was gonna throw a right handed haymaker at the ref’s head.