MLS Promises Expansion To At Least 30 — When Should It Stop?

Major League Soccer held its annual Board of Governors meetings in Los Angeles this week. Along with allowing MLS clubs to collect solidarity payments in the future, one of the major outcomes of the meetings was the announcement that MLS expansion will increase the league to 30 teams in the near future.

Should TNT Have Pulled The Plug On Barça-Man U To Show Juve-Ajax?

This year has, by all respects, been a bit of an experiment for TNT and Turner Sports’ coverage of the Champions League. Having acquired the U.S. television rights to the world’s biggest club competition from FOX starting this season, the broadcaster has struggled to impress viewers from casuals to the most hardcore of fans.

My Day At Allianz Field, Or: How Sean Johnson Made All Our Wildest Dreams Come True

Yesterday, I was one of the fortunate 19,796 to witness Minnesota United open Allianz Field in Saint Paul. Ultimately I was very blessed because I got to take part in a spectacular atmosphere, but more so because I got to watch NYCFC goalkeeper Sean Johnson finesse one into his own net.

The match took place at 4:00 p.m. with the temperature hovering around 40 degrees and the sun appearing about as frequently as a Minnesota clean sheet.

Ralph Breaks The Internet: Southampton Coach Is Treating His Players Like Children

Southampton coach Ralph Hasenhüttl isn’t a particularly old man. At 51, he had just turned 20 when the original NES was released in Europe. 

But he’s acting like a curmudgeonly old man — and clearly has no idea how to deal with young people.

In a recent news conference, Hasenhüttl told reporters he blocks the Wi-Fi at the team hotel on the nights before matches. 

What. A. Jerk.

The 18 Best Defenders Of All Time

While the statistics that attackers generate greatly lend themselves to the formulation of lists such as this, things get a little more ambiguous where defenders are concerned.

The Disgruntled XI: A Starting Lineup Of Players Looking For Transfers

It’s a bit strange, but for the likes of Real Madrid, PSG, Atlético and Napoli, there’s not much to play for with two months remaining in the season. Maybe a Coupe de France here and a triggering of an Arsenal crisis there, but it’s really silly season time for the aforementioned giants of the European game. 

Chris Wondolowski Is About To Become MLS’ All-Time Leading Scorer — Is That Good For MLS?

Landon Donovan is, for the most part, a cherished member of U.S. soccer history. He’s the MLS all-time leading scorer, MLS all-time leading assister, USMNT all-time leading scorer (tied with Clint Dempsey) and USMNT all-time leading assister. 

Aside from some fans who wish he had played longer or found more success abroad, U.S. soccer fans generally hold Donovan in high esteem for his accomplishments. 

Then there’s Chris Wondolowski. 

I Know How I Want To Be Commemorated When I Die (Or Win The Lottery)

How do you best secure your legacy for as close to all eternity as humanly possible? Is it by practicing an inscrutably benevolent existence, and by leaving breadcrumbs of goodwill along this path we call life? Or is it by building a Great Pyramid in the style of Khufu?    

When you die, how do you want to be commemorated? With something solemn and dignified, or do you want your body to be trapezed around the room like a spectacular, moribund puppet?  

Given Recent USWNT Struggles, Should Jill Ellis Consider Bringing Back Jaelene Hinkle?

At the highest level of sport, how much does chemistry matter?

Do athletes need to have the full trust and respect of teammates to perform at the best of their abilities? Or can professionals put aside personal matters for the sake of the team?

Can you invite a player onto a team who has actively demonized players and coaches on said team?

These are the questions Jill Ellis must ask in the lead-up to the Women’s World Cup this summer.