Colorado Rapids Have The Best Secondary Jerseys In The MLS

The secondary jersey for the Colorado Rapids just has everything in it that you would look for in jerseys that are representative of state flags. One of the most beautiful and well-designed flags in the United States is the Colorado state flag, and the new jerseys definitely depict that. All the way from the blue sleeves, to the gold torso you can find the additional pieces of this jersey that make it such a well done jersey.

Watch The Greatest Goals From The Greatest Attacking Side Ever Assembled

For those with a preference for attacking football, there was no greater side than the one Brazil assembled for the 1982 FIFA World Cup in Spain. The fascinating talents of Zico, Socrates, Eder, Serginho, Falcao and even defender Junior combined to score a staggering 15 goals in five matches.

The Strangest Lionel Messi Moments That Prove His Genius

No matter the field they play on, geniuses are a difficult breed to understand. Each of them has his or her own peculiarities and habits that we will never understand because they see things on a different level. Albert Einstein once picked up a grasshopper from the ground and ate it. He also used to go on bird-watching walks while playing the violin and crying. Nikola Tesla had an aversion to jewelry; Vincent van Gogh severed part of his own ear. The list goes on.

But what does any of this have to do with soccer?

What If Bill Gates Had Bought Liverpool?

Last week it was revealed that, years ago, before the FSG era, billionaire computer person Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, was offered the chance to buy Liverpool. He never returned the phone call.

That left us wondering: what if he had, and then agreed to buy Liverpool, becoming the richest owner in any sport, with more money than even the richest Qatari sheikh?