The Countries That Could Win The World Cup Based Off The Latest Results

We came up with a list of teams likely to win the World Cup based off of their performance in the first match, but with round two now officially in the books, we take a look at which sides kept up their momentum and who slipped off the radar.


We Pick The XI Best Performers From The World Cup’s Second Round Of Games

The last round of matches have begun, so now we can take a look at who were the best players of the second matchday at the World Cup. If you ask us, this World Cup is moving way too fast. We wish it could last forever, but we live in a cruel, cruel world. 

We could easily have named Croatia's entire starting eleven for this week, but that would be too easy.

Fox Watch: Germany-Sweden Was Almost The Best Broadcast Yet, But Fox Screwed It Up In The End

The Germany vs Sweden match on Saturday was set up to be Fox’s best broadcast of the tournament.

The match came right after Mexico held on to beat South Korea, boosting interest in the game. The defending champion was on the brink of elimination against another recognizable European foe. And it was one of the few matches Fox actually had people in the stadium, with John Strong and Stu Holden calling the match from Fisht Olympic Stadium in Sochi.

I've Now Spent A Small Portion Of My Life Watching Neymar Cry

“Crying and tears may be favored by natural selection because they bring about helping behavior by the spectator. This helping behavior is explained by the assumption that crying and tears ‘imitate’ some of the perceivable characteristics of a baby that has just been born.”  — Frans Roes

Fox Watch: Sadly, Dr. Joe Machnik Is Fox’s Best Analyst By A Long Way

When it comes to World Cup coverage, you expect to see the best analysts providing the best analysis. Unfortunately, Fox never got the memo that this is the biggest tournament in the world and skimped on analytical talent. Fortunately for Fox, they still have Dr. Joe Machnik.

Dr. Joe Machnik is a former player, coach and referee — you name it, he’s done it. Last fall he was elected into the U.S. National Soccer Hall of Fame. And he’s easily the best analyst Fox has for the 2018 World Cup.

Welcome to Fox Watch, where we examine how Fox is covering the 2018 World Cup. 

The Greatest Goal Celebrations Of The 2018 World Cup

A goal in football is always followed by a wild celebration. These celebrations are often a player’s signature, and they include pointing to the sky and thanking the footballing gods, the always cool knee slide or the epic running explosion while screaming in unison with the fans. The World Cup goal celebrations at the 2018 tournament have been no different.

This year’s World Cup provides an opportunity for the planet to see a variety of signature celebrations. Below are some of the best World Cup goal celebrations that we’ve seen so far.

Coaches Corner: A Tactical Preview And Prediction For Argentina Vs Croatia

After a disappointing first match against Iceland, Argentina needs to get a result out of its match with Croatia on Thursda if it wants to keep its hopes of getting out of the group alive. For Croatia, three points would all but seal its ticket to the next stage. This promises to be a huge match, so here is everything you need to know ahead of the big game, plus a Argentina vs Croatia prediction.

Help Us Rank National Foods Of World Cup Countries

The World Cup is finally here, and with each country's individual style, culture and national team also comes their own unique love of national foods of World Cup countries.

Some like it extra hot and spicy, some prefer it mild, others choose rice over potatoes and there are meat-lovers and fish-lovers or even those who prefer shark. Below are the most popular national foods of World Cup countries separated into their World Cup groupings.

The Countries That Will Win The World Cup Based Off Their First Round Match

The first set of matches at the 2018 World Cup have now been completed. We’ve seen everything from the first use of VAR at the World Cup, monumental upsets and everything in between. Now that the dust has settled, we decided we can absolutely, definitely, 100 percent give you the World Cup predicted winner based off of how the teams performed in their first matches.

The Best Performers Of Round 1 At The World Cup

With the first round of matches completed at the World Cup, some players have already stood out on their teams. Whether it be scoring crucial goals to gift their team a victory or keeping the goals out at the other end of the pitch, these players were the best World Cup players of the first round. So, without further ado, here is our starting lineup of the best performers of Round 1 at the World Cup. We’ve gone with a 4-4-2 formation to keep it nice and simple as well.