Help Us Rank National Foods Of World Cup Countries

The World Cup is finally here, and with each country's individual style, culture and national team also comes their own unique love of national foods of World Cup countries.

Some like it extra hot and spicy, some prefer it mild, others choose rice over potatoes and there are meat-lovers and fish-lovers or even those who prefer shark. Below are the most popular national foods of World Cup countries separated into their World Cup groupings.

The Countries That Will Win The World Cup Based Off Their First Round Match

The first set of matches at the 2018 World Cup have now been completed. We’ve seen everything from the first use of VAR at the World Cup, monumental upsets and everything in between. Now that the dust has settled, we decided we can absolutely, definitely, 100 percent give you the World Cup predicted winner based off of how the teams performed in their first matches.

The Best Performers Of Round 1 At The World Cup

With the first round of matches completed at the World Cup, some players have already stood out on their teams. Whether it be scoring crucial goals to gift their team a victory or keeping the goals out at the other end of the pitch, these players were the best World Cup players of the first round. So, without further ado, here is our starting lineup of the best performers of Round 1 at the World Cup. We’ve gone with a 4-4-2 formation to keep it nice and simple as well.

Coaches Corner: A Tactical Preview Of Poland vs. Senegal

Poland and Senegal play on the final day of matchday one at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and it looks set to be an absolute goal fest with both teams possessing plenty of firepower upfront. 

PREDICTED POLAND LINEUP (4-2-3-1): Szczęsny; Piszczek, Pazdan, Bednarek, Rybus; Krychowiak, Linetty; Grosicki, Zieliński, Błaszczykowski; Lewandowski

The World Cup Gets Physical: The Worst Flops And Best Crunching Tackles So Far

Heading into the tournament in Russia, we always knew we’d get a nice mixture of both godawful dives and crunching, I-put-the-country-on-my-back tackles. The super slow mo doesn’t do the sport any favors (everything looks like an overreaction when you slow things down to a million frames per second), but we’ve definitely seen some gloriously physical play mixed with some heinous play acting.

Here’s a selection of our favorite dives and crunches from the opening matches at the 2018 World Cup. 

Fox Watch: Lack Of Real Radio Coverage More Proof Fox Doesn’t Care About Soccer

I’ve seen a lot of complaints on social media about the U.S. World Cup broadcasters talking too much during the match. The reason might be simpler than you think — they’re pulling double duty for the Fox World Cup radio broadcast as well.

Fox Watch: Did We Forget How Much We Love/Hate Jorge Perez-Navarro?

Many people following the World Cup this summer watched Fox's announcing duo of Jorge Perez-Navarro and Mariano Trujillo for the first time on Saturday. Many people were quick to point out how much they hated Jorge Perez-Navarro.

Fox Watch: World Cup History Made As Aly Wagner Calls Iran-Morocco Match

The World Cup is the greatest spectacle in sport. But Fox decided it wanted to cut costs by not sending a full crew to Russia — instead broadcasting a majority of matches from a studio in Los Angeles. So, we’ve decided to keep an eye on how the Fox World Cup coverage stacks up to previous ESPN broadcasts, particularly what comes out of the Foxhole in LA.