The18's Do's And Don'ts Of Manager Behavior On The Touchline

The 2018-19 season has been packed full of drama, emotions and even comedy. What happens on the pitch is usually in focus — players making tackles, scoring goals, playing beautiful soccer; all of that takes the cake in media attention. But managers get that attention too. After a goal or an important moment in a match, the camera always pans to the manager, showing their jubilation, anger or their stoicness. 

5 Massive Predictions For The 2019 MLS Season

January in MLS is full of combine matches, the SuperDraft, new player signings and the start of preseason. 2018 was a strong year for the league, between Atlanta's amazing run to the Cup (in front of 73,000 fans) to the arrival of Zlatan and Rooney to the expansion news for Miami, Nashville and Cincinnati, MLS made a lot of national noise. 

2019 is poised to be another year of growth as the league continues to make strides on and off the pitch. Here are five predictions for MLS in 2019. 

Is Christian Pulisic The Most Overpriced Transfer Of All Time?

Christian Pulisic, a 20-year-old from Hershey, Pennsylvania, is the 25th most expensive player in the history of soccer. 


As much as we here at The18 love Christian Pulisic, we were a bit blown away by the fee he garnered on his transfer from Borussia Dortmund to Chelsea this week. We understand why, but the more you look at it, the more absurd it appears. 

Why The Sexist Italian Super Cup Should Be Canceled

We live in an age when there is growing equality among all genders and all colors of skin — perhaps the best we as a species have ever been in treating everyone equally. But one look at the Italian Super Cup — and Serie A as a whole — and it’s easy to see we still have a really fucking long way to go.

NBCSN Once Again Shows That It Gets It When Broadcasting Soccer In The U.S.

She said it, and viewers felt it, because NBCSN gets it.

“Best game of the season by a country mile,” Rebecca Lowe said as the NBCSN coverage of Manchester City’s 2-1 victory over Liverpool moved from the announcers in the booth at the Etihad back to the studio analysts stateside. 

The best match of the season, perhaps the most important match of the season, had all the gravitas expected of such an event on Thursday because NBCSN continues to show it is the best soccer broadcaster in America.

Which Minor League Has The Best Team Names In America?

We’ve got Mad Ants, Baby Cakes and Lights. There are Isotopes, Rowdies and Skyforce. And of course Steel, Go-Go and IronPigs. 

When you’re not the best at something, you’ve got to come up with unique ways to promote yourself. I know this first hand from trying to find a romantic partner. 

Minor league sports teams also know this well. It’s why lower-division clubs often have unique nicknames you just don’t find anywhere else.

So which of America’s top three lower divisions — in soccer, baseball and basketball — have the best team nicknames? 

Where To Spend Your Christmas Money — EPL Transfer Guide

What is cloudy, expensive and exciting?

The European transfer window! So stop wallowing in your post-summertime sadness, Lana Del Rey. Instead, get your calculator out, order a screen-protector and a coffee and start following daily transfer stories. Yes, they occur every day throughout January.


The 10 Ultimate Trends Of The Footballing World In 2018

We had a lot to be thankful for in 2018 — a World Cup, a historic Real Madrid three-peat, the remarkable seasons from Luka Modric, Mohamed Salah and Kylian Mbappe, other things that I’m forgetting because I'm a goldfish boy. 

Here are 10 trends that I’ve managed to remember in the footballing calendar year of our Lord Gourav Mukhi 2018

Top Soccer Trends 2018

#1. Wall Tactics to the Fore 

Marcelo Brozovic's sliding stop.

Twitter Reacts To Mohamed Salah's Contentious Penalty Vs. Newcastle

Mohamed Salah, Liverpool’s Egyptian King: incredible pace, dribbling ability and an eye for goal. Something he shouldn’t add to his box of tricks, however, is diving.

Salah has been wrapped up in a few diving cases in his Premier League career, most recently in yesterday’s match against Newcastle. Liverpool hosted Newcastle on Boxing Day, drubbing the Geordies 4-0. It was a routine win for Liverpool, but an important talking point of the match surrounded Liverpool’s second goal.

100 Footballers In The World 2018 (Nos. 10-1)

To coincide with The Guardian’s excellent list of the 100 best male footballers in the world — compiled by a panel of 225 experts from 69 nations — we here at The18 have compiled our own list over the last couple years. There are no experts involved, there’s no rhyme or reason for anything, but we do hope you’ll join us on this adventure into the bowels of the beautiful game.