After Years In The Making, Nike Finally Releases Air Zoom Ultra Soccer Cleats

The long-awaited Nike Air Zoom Ultra soccer cleats finally have a scheduled release date of March 21, but you'll have to act quickly as only 1,000 pairs of the limited-edition boot have been produced.

The final Mercurial Air Zoom Ultra SE product resembles the current-gen Mercurial boots, but the aesthetic has shifted to a white-and-black upper with some beautiful iridescent detailing and the Air Zoom logo on the heel.

Pumas Sorprende Con Un Jersey Terracota: ¿Por Qué Están Usando Ese Color?

No faltarán aquellos que pondrán en duda que su color no representa al club ni los que digan -con justa razón- que tres uniformes por temporada es un abuso a los bolsillos. Sin embargo, en la búsqueda de un punto en común no hay dudas de que el nuevo jersey de Pumas es de una belleza cautivante.

Tercer Jersey Pumas 2022

Fabricada por Nike, la playera servirá como el tercer uniforme del club durante el 2022

Ranking The Incredible Jerseys Of The 2021 Africa Cup Of Nations

The 2021 Africa Cup of Nations begins Sunday, Jan. 9, with 24 nations vying for the continental championship. Before a ball is even kicked, we can tell you one area in which AFCON is going to better than last summer's Gold Cup, Copa América and European Championship tournaments: the jerseys.

With 17 different brands on show, there are some real classics from heavy hitters like PUMA and Nike but also some gems from Ireland's Masita, France's Airness and Italy's Macron. 

Un Necesario Ránking Con Los 18 Mejores Jerseys De La Temporada 2021

Fin de año. Ránkings. El proceso es inevitable. Y ya que estamos dándonos esa vuelta, aquí una lista con los 18 mejores jerseys del 2021.

Es verdad, la palabra "mejores" es pretenciosa, toda vez que parte de opiniones y todas las opiniones son subjetivas. En este caso son mis opiniones y quizás un título más adecuado podría haber sido "Mis 18 jerseys favoritos de 2021", pero "mejores" suena... mejor...

Bueno, a lo que vinimos. Si no están de acuerdo, siempre pueden decirlo, pero con respeto, que no por nada somos herederos de 10 mil años de civilización.

Every Question You Have About Soccer Ball Sizes, Answered

There’s no better time than the holidays to begin Project Mbappé by buying a soccer ball for everyone in your life, but if you’re not familiar with the game, you might be surprised to find the variety of sizes, brands and styles staring back at you in the sporting goods aisle. However, the soccer ball size by age guide is an easy one.

There’s a very good chance that you’re looking for a size 5 ball (used by professionals, adults and ages 12 and up), but there’s also a very good chance that you’re reading this article because you have a younger child.

Duelo De Estilos: Las Chamarras Del Tata Martino Vs Los Tenis De Gregg Berhalter

Los estilos con que Gerardo Martino dirige a México y Gregg Berhalter al USMNT son bastante distintos desde un punto de vista táctico. Y esas diferencias son igual de grandes cuando vemos a ambos entrenadores desde otra dimensión del estilo: la moda, el mundo fashion.

Si bien ambos corresponden al saco de lo casual, el Tata se inclina por un look deportivo baggy old-school, mientras que Berhalter opta siempre por un look más moderno y slim.

For A Third-Straight Year RB Leipzig Has Created The Greatest Third Kit In The World

RB Leipzig is the king of the third kit. The RB Leipzig third kit 2021/22 was released on Monday and boy did it deliver. The club might be the most hated in Germany, but Leipzig will look damn good regardless.

RB Leipzig Third Kit 2021/22

Nike Prioritizes Employees’ Mental Health By Giving Them A Week Off

Nike is one of the largest corporations in the world, especially in the sports niche, and recently it has taken a stand to put its employees first. Covid-19 and quarantine greatly impacted many families' and individuals' lives, and the world is still trying to recover from the loss and challenges everyone experienced. Being trapped inside for over a year, the news covering a fluctuation in positive cases and the uncertainty of when the world will go back to normal are all reasons people are struggling in the workplace and even on the pitch. 

Chelsea’s New Away Kit Reminds Us Of A Certain German Club

Chelsea has once again caused a stir with its new away kit. If there's something that characterizes the London club year after year, it's the annual release of away jerseys that always generate opinions and rarely leave fans feeling indifferent.

This is the case for the 2021-22 season. After unveiling the home uniform, which has a clear nod to the past, now it's the away shirts turn.

Momento Fashion: Los 5 Mejores Jerseys De La Liga MX 2021/22

Los jerseys o camisetas de fútbol son un elemento cada vez más prominente en la cultura actual. No solo como una forma de apoyar y expresar amor por un club, sino que también como un artefacto de moda, les guste o no a los aficionados más conservadores.

Dicho esto, y con la Liga MX 2021-22 dando sus primeros pasos, la idea aquí es mostrar las cinco mejores playeras presentadas para esta temporada.