Why Hasn’t Soccer Stooped To Putting Ads On The Pitch Yet?

In the footballing world, there are advertisements everywhere; soccer advertising is as ubiquitous as it is loud. 

Soccer was one of the first sports to embrace ads on uniforms. Pitches are rimmed with advertising boards in stadiums named after sponsors. Pre- and postgame interviews are littered with logos. Many leagues now allow ads on jersey sleeves. One club even turned its bench into a giant beer advertisement

English FA Helps Out The Little Guys By Increasing FA Cup Prize Money

In what can only be described as fantastic news, the English Football Association (FA) has decided to increase the FA Cup prize money. 

The news really did fly under the radar for many fans, but it is our duty to provide you with this important piece of information.

The 2018-19 FA Cup prize money is almost double what it was from the previous editions of English football’s most prestigious trophy. From the point of winning a First Round Qualifying match, the prize money doubled for every stage. 

Manchester United Equals Dallas Cowboys As World’s Most Valuable Franchise — Still Sucks On Pitch

Manchester United keeps deteriorating on the pitch but the club’s value has never been higher. 

Jose Mourinho’s Red Devils are off to a miserable start to the new Premier League campaign, with an embarrassing loss to Brighton and a 3-0 humiliation at the hands of Tottenham. But no one ever said you had to be good to be rich (just look at a few notable politicians). 

Liverpool Rejected A World-Record Takeover Bid From Manchester City Owner Sheikh Mansour’s Cousin

According to a number of reports in England, the cousin of Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour made a world-record bid to takeover City’s Premier League rival Liverpool but was turned down.

First Sentencing In U.S. FIFA Corruption Trial Hands 86-Year-Old 4 Years In Prison

Jose Maria Marin, the former president of Brazil’s soccer federation, was sentenced to four years in prison by a federal court on Wednesday in New York, marking the first sentencing of a soccer official in relation to the United States’ FIFA corruption investigation. 

What Soccer Players Are Sponsored By adidas

When it comes to brands, adidas is the king of the of the soccer world. Nike, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar under its belt, gives the German giant a run for its money, but there’s no doubt the official partner of FIFA is the biggest brand, especially when you look at what soccer players are sponsored by adidas.

What Soccer Players Are Sponsored By Nike

Adidas has long been king in the soccer world. The official partner of FIFA gives the German giant a huge following as perhaps the most popular producer of soccer-related equipment from clothes to cleats. But a look at what soccer players are sponsored by Nike reveals how close the American company is coming to overtaking adidas as the biggest soccer brand.

Fans Overreacting To LaLiga Playing In North America Are Missing The Point

While England's Premier League may be the most popular, Spain’s LaLiga is the best soccer league in the world. So the league has decided to do what other sports’ best leagues have done: export the product overseas. With LaLiga North America, the U.S. or Canada could host a Spanish league match as soon as this season.

Americans Need A Pay Raise To Deal With Absurd Number Of Soccer Subscription Services

The cost of watching soccer in the U.S. keeps rising. ESPN announced it would make ESPN+ the exclusive home of the FA Cup in the U.S. on Wednesday, adding to the growing list of soccer subscription services fans must pay for in order to watch soccer, most of which used to come with a basic cable subscription. 

Why Splashing The Cash Could End Horribly For Wolves And Fulham

The Premier League is the promised land for any team dwelling in the Championship. The riches that come with the bumper TV deals is what drives so many owners to do everything they can to get their clubs promoted and to then stay there.

The three promoted clubs — Cardiff City, Fulham and Wolves — have all been spending, and then some. Combined, the three teams have spent over $212 million. That is around 1/5 of the entire Premier League spending this transfer window.