It's Full Speed Ahead For HMS Piss The League, The Championship's Most Notorious Vessel

Last season, the Championship was a perfectly scripted drama that perfectly encapsulated the unpredictable nature of the league at both ends of the table — the final promotion and relegation spots were truly not decided until the last kick of the season.

The English second tier has been just as good so far this year, as numerous teams have challenged for promotion and the bottom of the table has been just as tight. 

The18 Debuts Its New Clothing Line For The American Soccer Fan

Since the beginning of time humanity has sought to cover its dirty bits. 

From sewing fig-leaves together and crafting loin-cloths in the Garden of Eden to oozing swagger in a turtleneck and chain combo, humankind has always been on an insatiable quest to combine the elements of decency and drip. 

However, these pieces might fit right, feel good and come at an affordable price, but do they do enough to support your viewpoint on how implementing promotion and relegation throughout the American soccer pyramid would win us the 2026 World Cup? 

Por Mala Onda: Nahuel Guzmán Le Da Unfollow A Neuer En Instagram

Nahuel Guzmán tenía a Manuel Neuer como un colega serio y hasta digno de admiración. Hoy, sin embargo, el arquero de Tigres no puede verlo ni en pintura, al punto que dejó de seguirlo en Instagram. 

La Vida Es Un Meme: Equipo Colombiano Sale A La Cancha Con Capa Y Las Gafas Thug Life

El Fortaleza CEIF venció 3-2 al Valledupar y escaló al sexto puesto de la Primera B de Colombia, segunda categoría del fútbol local. Sin embargo, el juego y los goles pasaron a segundo plano. Hoy, ese partido da la vuelta al mundo por la curiosa forma en que el Fortaleza salió al campo: los 11 jugadores con capa y con las gafas del célebre meme thug life.

TikTok Becomes Global Sponsor Of Euro 2020

TikTok will be the global sponsor for the rescheduled Euro 2020 soccer tournament set to begin in June this year, the sport's European governing body UEFA announced on Thursday.

The popular Chinese short video app, the first digital entertainment platform to sponsor a major international tournament for UEFA, also has broadcast sponsorship rights as part of the deal.

Meet José Juan, The 41-Year-Old Keeper Who Knocked Real Madrid Out Of The Copa Del Rey

Something incredible happened last week: Alcoyano, a team from Spain's Segunda B (third division), eliminated Real Madrid from the Copa del Rey in extra time against all odds. 

The hero of the night was José Juan, a 41-year-old goalkeeper who had a great night defending his net, stopping absolutely everything. 

They Turned This Man Into Michael Phelps

Santos center back Lucas Veríssimo unleashed a current of blood in São Paulo on Wednesday night after planting is forehead directly into the back of Franco Soldano’s skull. 

10 Awful Things Fans Yell At Referees

If you are a referee then you probably have to deal with a lot of angry, crazy, annoying, loud fans. It’s quite the skill to be able to ignore the never-ending noise and focus on the game. We are all guilty of yelling at a referee at some point in our lives; whether it was from the stands, at the TV or on the field. Here’s a list of the top, most common insults fans yell at referees. But, in the end, the referees have the most power allowing them to make any call or throw anyone out. Scream as much as you want, they aren’t listening.