MLS Hardest League in the World?? Higuaín Can't Keep Up

Former Argentinian forward Gonzalo Higuaín had low expectations coming to MLS but now is learning to respect the competition. The 33-year-old exclaimed he expected to play with a cigarette in his mouth, it was going to be that easy.

Through seven matches in the 2021 MLS season, Higuaín has four goals and one assist. He was quoted on Christain Vieri's Twitch live stream a few days ago saying, "I thought I would come to MLS and play with a cigarette in my mouth and instead it is difficult."

FC Barcelona's New Home Kits Are Gross

FC Barcelona released new home kits for the 2021-2022 La Liga season and they're chaotically terrible. The new shirts appear as if the creators never agreed on a set design and continued the fight throughout the process.

With Barcelona being in severe debt, we should have assumed the new kits would be this bad. They feature verticle traditional blaugrana stripes and a new design inspired by the team crest. With tons of stripes and lots of colors, these kits fail to impress.

What The World Looked Like The Last Time The USMNT Beat Mexico

The U.S. men's national team defeated Mexico in a highly contested match on Sunday to win the CONCACAF Nations League, marking the country’s first competitive victory over its rivals since September 10th, 2013.

The fruitless streak continued so long that I personally graduated middle school, high school and was just one year away from graduating college before the U.S. was victorious again. Christian Pulisic, the American captain who scored the go-ahead goal, was just 14 years old when the U.S. last claimed victory. 

Wild Pick-Up Match Stories That Will Have You Itching To Get Back Out There

As the world heals from the pandemic, pick-up matches are on their way back as well. Pick-up matches exemplify all the best parts of soccer: intense rivalries, healthy competition and the opportunity to sharpen your skills.

These Footballers Are Sharing Their Most Gut-Wrenching Fails, And Even We Are Feeling The Shame

It was a foggy Saturday morning soccer match and I was defending the goal spectating the action going on the field. I had stopped a few shots earlier in the match and my confidence was quickly rising. Thoughts raced through my head, realizing that I was about to officially record my first clean sheet of the season. Then as clear as day the ball was passed to me, and as I went to stop it with my foot it slowly but surely skipped right below my outstretched foot and into the awaiting net behind me.

La Maldición De Reinaldo Rueda: País Al Que Va Entra En Crisis Social

Todos conocemos, más o menos, la maldición de Aaron Ramsey. En caso que no, un rápido recordatorio: cada vez que hace un gol, muere un famoso. Obviamente es una exageración, pero hay varios ejemplos de coincidencia que a uno lo hacen pensar. Y en esa línea, aquí presentamos una nueva maldición, la maldición de Reinaldo Rueda. ¿En qué consiste? Nación que dirige entra en crisis social.

Casos de exposición: Honduras, Ecuador, Chile y Colombia. Hay hasta un meme dando vueltas.

Neymar Reta A Stephen Curry Después De Anotar Una Tremenda Canasta De Larga Distancia

Conocido por su habilidad con el balón en los pies, Neymar ahora también presume de su talento con el balón en las manos. El crack fue visto recientemente anotando una espectacular canasta de tres puntos desde el centro de la cancha, durante una sesión de entrenamiento de baloncesto con sus compañeros del PSG. 

The Only Thing Hotter Than Daryl Dike’s Goalscoring Form Is His TikTok

As someone over the age of 30, I’m constantly blown away by the creativity I see on TikTok. Sure, there’s plenty of bullshit out there (as with any social media site), but there’s also a thriving community of people younger than me doing cool shit. The Daryl Dike TikTok account is a perfect example of the joy that can be found on the app.

Hugely Popular TikTok Video Is Reminder Of Barcelona’s Best Team Ever

TikTok is the new go-to platform for content of all sorts. From comedy to dancing to some of your favorite footballers showing off their skills on and off the field, but my personal favorites are the reminders of old commercials and promotional videos featuring the best of the best teams. 

This TikTok is one of the best finds on the platform for any Barça or football fan. It's a reminder of one of the greatest Barcelona teams of all time in just a few seconds. 

Tottenham Sucks, Says New Tottenham Sponsor

“Banter club” is a common insult, but it’s 100 percent true for Tottenham Hotspur. How else do you explain the North London club’s recent acquisition of a paint sponsorship that’s already gone awry.

Spurs announced a new sponsorship deal on Thursday morning with paint company Dulux, the first official paint supplier of the Premier League club. Within hours Tottenham was forced to make fun of itself to save face after the new sponsor spent the morning making fun of Spurs on Twitter.