The Internet Has Fallen Hard For Morocco Coach Hervé Renard, And We Don’t Blame Them

Morocco opened the World Cup with a match that, on paper, appeared the least interesting of Friday’s matches. But that was before the internet set sights on Morocco coach Hervé Renard.

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Your Premier League Club’s Season In GIF Format

With just a few weeks remaining in the 2017-18 Premier League season, we are quickly winding down towards one of the most anticlimactic final days of all-time. If Tottenham collapse, Chelsea might yet play themselves into the top four, and Southampton could still manage to avoid the drop — just look at what Newcastle have accomplished over the last four games.

WTF Did Roma’s Twitter Feed Just Do?

AS Roma did it. The Giallorossi rallied from a three-goal, first-leg deficit to knock off Lionel Messi and Barcelona, 4-4 on aggregate on away goals. It was a thrilling win, with two players who scored own goals in the first leg making up for it with goals in the second leg. But perhaps more thrilling than the incredible comeback on Tuesday was the response from the AS Roma Twitter feed in the aftermath. 

Everything You Need To Know About The Funky Video Game Celebrations Sweeping World Football

In December of 2000, when up-and-coming Bayer Leverkusen midfielder Kai Havertz was barely walking, a film by the name of “Battle Royale” was released in Japan. In it, middle school students were dropped off at an island where they were forced to kill each other until only one survived. From those grisly beginnings formed the basis for an odd trend in Fortnite soccer celebrations from players around the world, Havertz included.

Like A Crab Ripping Its Own Arm Off, Man Utd Aggressively Attacked It’s Own Uselessness After UCL Exit

When you’re the most valuable club on the planet ($3.69 billion), the most popular (659 million followers) and the most successful in English history (42 major tro

Your Relationship Explained By Soccer GIFs

Valentine’s Day is a time for buying overpriced gifts, spending way too much money on a fancy dinner and pretending everything is just fine in your relationship for just one night. But no matter where you are in your relationship this Valentine’s Day, we have just the soccer GIFs for you.

Nothing matches the emotional highs and lows of love like soccer, whether it’s an unexpected winner or a devastating own goal. From embarrassing first dates to blossoming loves to heartbreaking divorce, there are soccer GIFs for everything you might come across in your love life. 

Chelsea Fans Are The Most Cruel People You’ll Meet On Twitter

It was a harmless tweet — maybe even a funny one. Before Chelsea’s Premier League match with West Brom on Monday, the Blues’ Twitter handle (@ChelseaFC) made a Star Wars joke centered around one of the space opera’s most lovable characters. But the Chelsea Twitter fans were having none of it.

Your Work Week Presented By Lionel Messi

As the weekend gets closer, life gets better. The anticipation kills us as we wait for the end of the week. It might be a struggle every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but once Thursday hits it's all downhill. Take a look at the many emotions of the work week brought to you by the one and only Lionel Messi. 

The Stages Of Finals Week As Told By Cristiano Ronaldo

Ah, finals...every student’s favorite time of the year, also known as hell week. It’s a time when all your teachers decide to test you on everything you may or may not have learned over the semester. A time when your stress increases and your sleep decreases.

Teachers expect you to put their class at the top of your priority list even though you have a million other things to do and worry about. But, we’ve all been there before, and in order to get to where we want to be, we must prove that we can succeed under pressure. 

23 Memes You Should Send To Your Soccer Friends Immediately

Ever stumble across something on the Internet and your thoughts automatically turn to a particular friend or memory? Of course you have, it probably happens every time you scroll your Instagram feed. In today’s age, memes rule the Internet — pictures might be worth a thousand words, but memes are worth a thousand laughs. A day without laughter is a day wasted, so send these memes to your soccer friends and make their day a great one.