Wow-lverhampton Concludes Surprise Of The Season Finishing Seventh

With the 2018-19 English Premier League season adjourning, Wolverhampton has officially stunned the EPL, finishing one of the greatest seasons by a promoted team.

The Wolves finished 16-9-13 with 16 points coming against England’s top six.

The team also finished with a +1 goal differential. The team’s goals conceded mark of 46 is an impressive mark ranking them 5th in the league. But the offense needs a spark with a ranking of 14th in goals scored.

A Little Late To The Game, Mesut Özil Wins #10YearChallenge

Mesut Özil has struggled to find playing time in the last couple of months with Arsenal, starting just two Premier League matches since November. But he’s found a way to win off the pitch, and this time it’s not in Fortnite, it’s for winning the #10YearChallenge.

Aleksandar Mitrovic Trolled For Ruining Massive Parlay Bet, But The Striker Doesn’t Give AF

Most fans take straight to social media following a sporting event. Typically, the athletes will as well. And when angry fans clash with professional athletes, every Twitter user reading the thread heads straight to the microwave to heat up the popcorn.

The Bird Box Soccer Challenge Is Worth Taking Your Blindfold Off To See

If you haven’t heard about the new Netflix movie Bird Box, well, you probably live under a rock. The eye-opening, or should I say eye-closing, movie has caused a blindfold outbreak. Not only did Sandra Bullock, Boy and Girl need to go about their lives with their eyes covered, but they inspired people in the non-cinematic world to try and go about their daily lives blindfolded.

The so-called “Bird Box Challenge” has taken over and just so happened to reach the soccer world. And, if I do say so myself, it’s a game that’s not so ea(see). Sorry, too punny?

Kylian Mbappé Dumps Ronaldo To Highlight His 2018 Accomplishments

From playing with Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1 to the World Cup with France, Kylian Mbappé had himself one helluva 2018, all before turning 20 in December.

To commemorate the end of the calendar year (at least on our antiquated Gregorian calendars), Mbappé made an awesome Instagram post highlighting many of his achievements from 2018.

Can You Guess These Unforgettable Goals Expressed Entirely From Emojis?

The internet is often a pretty loathsome place, what with the political, tribal vitriol humans have for one another. But on occasion it can be a pretty cool place, like with these goal emojis that inundated Twitter on Thursday.

At the prompting of the @MundialMag account, a number of soccer fans described their favorite goals using only emojis. 

Madison’s New Team Is Making Fun Of MLS Crest Explainers, And We’re Here For It

On Monday, FC Cincinnati took the next step toward its inaugural 2019 MLS season by unveiling an overhaul to the crest it’s been using since the club’s 2016 debut in the United Soccer League.

The rebrand was headed by Interbrand, the same firm that accounted for the much-debated modernizing of Juventus’s crest.

Out with the old.

FC Cincinnati crest

In with the new.

Paul Pogba’s Hilariously Bad Half-Volley Is Now The Stuff Of Legend

First things first, I did not watch Manchester United vs. Everton today — I was watching El Clásico. So I’m not in a position to say anything about Paul Pogba’s performance in the 2-1 win, and I don’t want to come off sounding like Pogba-hater-extraordinaire Graeme Souness. 

Neymar Challenge Hits Wimbledon Because Everyone Wants To Hate On Him

Neymar has been out of the World Cup for a while now, Brazil having lost to Belgium in the quarterfinals. But that doesn’t mean he’s done being mocked. This Neymar Wimbledon video is proof.

Neymar earned a reputation as a diver, flopper, embellisher and general bad sport during the 2018 World Cup. To be fair, teams targeted him with constant fouls and physical play. But the PSG forward didn’t do himself any favors with his rolling around time after time. 

What Does “It’s Coming Home” Mean?

It’s a mantra that’s gathered steam over the course of the 2018 World Cup, but what does it’s coming home mean? Beginning with Harry Kane’s last-ditch winner against Tunisia, gathering steam in the five-goal first half against Panama, working into a crescendo following the breaking of the dreaded penalty shootout curse against Colombia and reaching a fever pitch following a 2-0 win over world-beaters Sweden, football's now well and truly coming home.