PSG's Layvin Kurzawa Has Lost His Damn Mind

A world without football is a world gone mad. That's the exact case with Layvin Kurzawa as he's clearly lost his mind after posting the most horrifying TikTok video I've seen in some time. I pray the Kurzawa TikTok saga doesn’t last too long.

Is It “Soccer” Or “Football”? Or Could It Be “Footy Fun Ball”?

Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of my greatest hopes is that the collective joy at the beautiful game’s return forever silences the mind-numbingly pedantic “football vs. soccer” argument.

As an American media company, it’s inevitable that any piece of content we produce that takes off beyond these shores will eventually have the following top comment: “It’s football, not soccer.”

Joe Exotic Soccer King: The Ultimate Starting XI

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, Tiger King has been the talk of quarantine — it's so cringeworthy that you can’t stop watching. It's a Netflix documentary that was supposed to expose the exotic animal trade and cruel treatment, but it had way more than just cat talk. From relationships to feuds and crime to exotic animals, Tiger King has it all. 

If, for some odd reason, the cast had to be put into a football match, here's who I would name to my starting XI:

Håland Or Heisenberg? Like Bryan Cranston's Award-Winning Character, Håland Leaves Rivals Without An Answer

Erling Håland continued his red-hot start to life at Borussia Dortmund, scoring his 12th goal in eight matches in Dortmund's 2-0 victory over Werder Bremen on Saturday.   

Club Brugge Trolls Manchester United On Twitter, Earns Europa League Draw

There are two arenas in which professional sports teams succeed: on the field and on social media. As Southampton showed earlier this season, it's possible to win online even after losing on the pitch. A master class Club Brugge tweet at Manchester United ahead of the two sides’ Europa League Round of 32 first leg bout once again showed the power of Twitter.

The Most Outrageously Dumb But Funny FIFA 20 Bugs And Glitches

I’ll have you know that my FIFA 20 Career Mode is going pretty well. I don’t concede often (I could probably play at a higher difficulty considering my 18 years of experience), but I'm also a dumpster fire going the other direction. Still, there’s a lot to like up in Newcastle as the city continues to come to gripes with its first American manager — I’m a trailblazer like Bob Bradley, screaming about “PKs” and “road games.” 

Super Bowl Vs. Champions League Parade: Who Parties Harder?

A championship for a professional team, no matter the sport, isn’t complete without the victory parade that follows. Recently, the Kansas City Chiefs had an underwhelming turnout for their Super Bowl party, but how did it compare with other victory parades? The only way to find out is to compare Super Bowl vs. Champions League celebrations.

On Wednesday, the Chiefs celebrated their Super Bowl 54 title in front of, well, some fans.

10 Things We Miss Most About Playing Youth Soccer

As we grow older, we find less and less time to play the sport we grew up loving so dearly. No longer do we play soccer five to seven days a week as we did in our youth. Hell, finding time to play once a month is hard enough. 

But still we reminisce about the days of yore, when weeknights were filled with going to practice or playing pick-up games at the park and weekends were loaded with games and tournaments. 

11 Most Annoying Things About Being An American Soccer Fan

Ahh soccer. Yes, soccer. Not football, but soccer. American soccer. 

Americans who follow the world’s game have it tougher than footie fans just about anywhere else on the planet. In the U.S., soccer isn’t the most popular sport — it’s not even in the top four — providing unique challenges to those who love the beautiful game.

But American soccer fans persist, because our love for the game is greater than any annoyance.

Here are 11 most annoying things about being an American soccer fan:

Southampton Prepares For Weekend Match With Hilarious Tweet

Southampton’s social media team will be hearing none of it as the club gears up for Leicester City this weekend in the Premier League. The Saints would prefer to adhere to the saying “the past is in the past.”

The last time they encountered the Foxes back in October, it was a rainy and dreary 9-0 defeat in front of their home supporters at St. Mary’s Stadium. Not only was the loss humiliating, but Southampton “earned” the title for joint-largest margin of defeat in a Premier League game alongside Ispwich Town.