Nicaraguan Club Qualifies For 2021 CCL By CONCACAFing The Hell Out Of Opponent

As soon as the Liga MX final (Dec. 10 and 13) and MLS Cup (Dec. 12) finish, we’ll roll straight into the completion of the 2020 CONCACAF Champions League, which went on hiatus back in March at the quarterfinal stage because of the pandemic.

The 3-Step Process To Make Your Funny FIFA 21 Clips Go Viral

Funny FIFA 21 clips are one of the few things that will get me across the god-forsaken finish line of 2020.

Every young FIFA player has dreamed of becoming a famous FIFA player via YouTube, Twitch, etc., but only the tiniest sliver of players actually make it big and become celebrities of the video game. I can’t guarantee you stardom, otherwise I would already be doing that. What I can offer is an easy three-step guide to get as many people as possible to view your funny FIFA 21 clips.

Unlikely Soccer Events That Will Totally Happen By The Time Nevada Finishes Counting Votes

If you haven’t been paying attention to the U.S. election results you either don’t care about the election, live under a rock or are a vote counter in Nevada. How a state that is 99 percent desert is taking so damn long to count votes is beyond anyone. On the bright side the memes have been an endless, beautiful flowing river.

Watching Players Struggle To Kick Field Goals Is The Best New TikTok Trend

Soccer players kicking field goals should be a no-brainer. I firmly believe that becoming a kicker in the NFL is a viable back-up career for soccer players that retire or don’t make the cut. Look at Cairo Santos — he was born in Brazil and initially wanted to become a soccer player. That dream died and then boom, he transferred his abilities to American football and will now make $1 million this season kicking for the Chicago Bears.

Viral Video Of Ridiculous LaLiga Flop Is Taking The Piss

A viral video has surfaced of an absurd flop during a LaLiga match between Cádiz and Granada earlier in October. 

Cádiz forward Iván Alejo must have got cocky after scoring in the 48th minute and felt the need to try for an Oscar Award for Best Actor. Alejo pulled out all the stops.

The ‘Not So Friendly’ Friendly That Turned Deadly

So let’s talk about 2020. The year started with us cheering and drinking to the start of the ‘Roaring 20’s’ and Great Gatsby-esque aesthetics. How naive we were…