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The Most Fearless Man In Soccer Is Facing The Biggest Decision Of His Career

Zlatan Ibrahimovic says what he feels all of the time, and a lot of the time that involves letting someone know that he is better than them. 

When asked who he thought was the best looking woman in the world, he responded, “I don’t know, but when I find her I will date her.”

He’s arrogant, there is no getting around that, but hearing his ignorance it is hard to not think of a famous Muhammad Ali quote: it’s not bragging if you can back it up. 

Why The Zlatan-To-Manchester-United Rumor Is Unfounded

There have been rumors abounding lately that a certain tall Swedish PSG striker is going to make a move to Manchester United.

(Jay Z voice) Let's end the speculation I'm talkin' to all of y'all.

Zlatan is not going to Manchester United. Zlatan doesn't like Louis van Gaal.

Here is a section of a Sports Illustrated interview from last year. (the whole interview is worth a read):

There Is An Astronomical Amount Of Money In Shirt Sponsorships This Year

Shirt sponsorships, love them or hate them, are among the biggest sources of income a club receives each season in order to continue paying for their high expenses. Over £200 million will be made across the Premier League from shirt sponsorships alone. Of course a majority of the money comes from the top 6 clubs, who display companies like Chevrolet, Yokohama, Fly Emirates, and Etihad Airways. 

United's Captain Mike Smalling. Errr... Chris Smalling!

Choosing who will lead your squad on the pitch as captain can be a difficult decision as a Premier League manager, especially when you can’t remember their name. 

In a pre-match interview with for the International Champions Cup, Louis van Gaal was accompanied by Chris Smalling to answer media questions. While explaining the change of captaincy from Wayne Rooney and Michael Carrick (or Carrot as the Dutch manager likes to say) to Chris Smalling, van Gaal had a slight bump in his thought process.

Louis Van Gaal Has Made It Clear That United Could Buy A Striker

There is a very real possibility that Manchester United could sign a striker, according to Louis van Gaal. 

Ironically, after a season in which the Red Devils’ strike corp was arguably its most talented set of players, they find themselves with a dearth of midfield options, a bolstered defense, and only one proven senior striker: Wayne Rooney (Apologies to Javier Hernandez).

Many think that the team needs to buy another striker, and van Gaal has not ruled out more spending, although he didn’t say specifically what positions further spending would increase. 

The Contentious Transfer History Between Real Madrid and Manchester United

Since 2003 Real Madrid and Manchester United have swapped six players between each other. The total value of those transfers? 167 million pounds.

The first of these incredible splurges? Fittingly a big one for passionate fans of United: David Beckham.

In July 2003, David Beckham completed his 25 million pound move from Manchester United to Real Madrid. The circumstances leading up to the transfer make for an Old Trafford legend.

Will AFC Ajax Keeper Jasper Cillessen Be The New Number One At Man United?

Jasper Cillessen, the number one keeper for AFC Ajax, is the man on the radar for Van Gaal and the Manchester United Red Devils. The revolving door of keeper transfers this summer between Porto, Real Madrid, Manchester United, and AFC Ajax seems to leave many speculating as to which goalkeeper will go where. As of now, according to the Sun, Manchester has given Real Madrid till Monday to complete the deal for keeper de Gea. The Red Devils are set to tour the U.S. this summer and would like a concrete offer from Real.

Is A Move To MLS In Wayne Rooney's Future?

Wayne Rooney has admitted he's considering a move stateside after he's finished at Manchester United.

Rooney, 29, still has a few years left on his United contract, but he's already thinking about what comes next in his career. 

“When that time comes, that’ll be something I’d think about. (I’ll) sit down with my wife and children and decide if it would be right for me,” Rooney told the Seattle Times