Manchester United

This Man Just Lost His Company $50 Million, So Why Is He Still Employed?

Being a NYSE-listed company, Manchester United have to make statements to the market whenever there is significant turnover in senior personnel. When Sir Alex Ferguson announced his retirement, for example, it was first communicated in a formal statement to shareholders, and Manchester United PLC’s stock plummeted 4.5%.

These Two Missed Shots Are So Bad They Will Leave You Wondering What Happened

Do you want to know what feels like it happened a long time ago? This, this feels like it happened a long time ago:

That was Javier Hernandez playing hero for Real Madrid in one of the biggest games of the year late last April, 4 months ago. 

You Won't Believe How Bad Club Brugge Was Against Manchester United

Manchester United advanced today to the group stage of the Champions League after spending a year in wayward pines. Wayne Rooney scored three goals and the Red Devils won 4-0. Great for them! That’s terrific. Way to go, fellas. Cheers. Good luck in Russia or Madrid or Israel in the next round.

This One Answer Is Why Memphis Depay Can Match Ronaldo’s Legacy

Memphis Depay’s confidence has been evident ever since he had his first official press conference for Manchester United. He owned the podium that day. “We have to play for the trophies,” he said, like he had to get so many loafs of bread. And that’s not to say he came off as arrogant, quite the opposite: he alternated often between admitting he needed to work hard and listen to his manager.

Manchester United Bid $95 Million For Thomas Muller

Reports from Germany – following on similar stories in the British press last weekend – claim that Manchester United has bid $95 million for German international striker Thomas Muller. Louis van Gaal enjoys a close relationship with the player, whom he handed his Bayern Munich debut back in 2008, and is keen to test the Bavarian club’s resolve to hang onto one of their star men.

Manchester City's Only Chance Of Stopping Eden Hazard

Chelsea and Manchester City are highlighting matchday two in the Premier League and it will surely be a match not to miss. The two English giants have squads that would make anyone salivate over the sheer power and strength they share. Even the players themselves get nervous lining-up across the field from those who are considered the most elite in the sport, and Manchester City defender Vincent Kompany is looking for any possible way to stop Eden Hazard.  

Neil Warnock Thinks Christian Benteke Still plays For Aston Villa

Aston Villa will host Manchester United this weekend in their first home opener match at Villa Park and will look for a second win despite many pivotal players leaving the club. At least Christian Benteke will start for Villa as a striker, right? As far as Neil Warnock is concerned, Tim Sherwood will play Benteke up front with Fabian Delph right behind him in central midfield.