Manchester City

You Won’t Even Find Him On Wikipedia But He Could Be England’s Next Big Thing

He’s young, doesn’t look like anything special and wears the No. 80, but Phil Foden is England’s next great hope.

At 17, Foden doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page yet, let alone much of a following outside his mum, but he showed 67,000 fans in Houston on Thursday night what he can do.

The 5 Greatest Preseason Moments Ever On American Soil

The International Champions Cup begings today and with it comes an assault of hyperbole, a glut of sponsors and a legion of mercenary money-grubbers. It’s hell on earth as ESPN tells us that Miami’s El Clasico will be the biggest event in American soccer history, Heineken encourages you to consume a pony keg by way of IV drip and Manchester United plant their imperial flag in Sandy, Utah. 

Manchester City Prove They Have More Money Than Sense With Kyle Walker Deal

Kyle Walker is the most expensive defender ever. Kyle Walker is the most expensive English player ever. Kyle Walker.

I'm sure Pep Guardiola knows what he's doing, really I am, but why on earth would he spend $65 million on English Alberto Moreno? Does Guardiola truly believe Walker is worth that price, or is he, like, trying to challenge himself?