Manchester City

Champions League Draw Highlighted By Real Madrid-Juventus Rematch

The Champions League quarterfinal matchups are set. At this stage in the competition, there are no bad teams and no teams that are truly out of it (except maybe Sevilla, sorry guys).

The quarterfinal matches will be played April 3-4 and April 10-11.

Real Madrid vs. Juventus

Manchester City Lose Match They Were Not Taking At All Seriously

Here is the play that most sums up the Manchester City-Basel Champions League tie:

What Is Pep Guardiola Yelling About In This Video?

There are generally two ways to celebrate an amazingly great thing happening in one's life.

The first way is a celebration that is wild but contained enough to retain the appearance of responsible adulthood. This is generally reserved for adult-type happy occasions such as engagements, weddings, promotions, raises, job offers, grad school acceptances, etc.

The second is this:

Jonah Hill

This is how Pep Guardiola celebrated when Manchester City beat Chelsea.

According To Hazard, Kevin De Bruyne Is The Best In The Premier League

Ahead of Sunday's matchup between Chelsea and Manchester City, Eden Hazard discussed his friendship with Kevin De Bruyne and revealed why he thinks De Bruyne is best in the Premier League today.

"Kevin has got everything," Hazard said in an interview with Sky Sports. "He defends, crosses the ball, assists and scores goals in big games. For me, he is the best this season."

Manchester City Makes Child Cry With Ruthless Destruction Of Arsenal

Look what you’ve done, Pep, Sergio and Vincent. Your unparalleled skills and ruthless execution have induced tears from a youngster. Are you proud of yourselves? It was bad enough you turned an entertaining Carabao Cup final into a boring rout, but the indelible image of the match will be of a crying child at the merciless destruction of his beloved Arsenal.

Plucky Manchester City Downed By League 1 Juggernaut Wigan Athletic

Topical Winter Olympics joke: just like some of the figure skaters in South Korea, Manchester City just couldn't land the quadruple. Wigan Athletic, currently third in League 1 (England's third division), took down the mighty Citizens in the FA Cup for the third time in six years (!!!!!).

Fabian Delph provided a sign for how things would go for Man City.

Every Matchday, Man City's Social Team Is Doing Something So Subtle But So Beautiful

Something caught my eye during Manchester City’s Champions League encounter with Basel on Tuesday, and it wasn’t Amazonian fish-frog god Bernardo Silva. I saw it on City’s Twitter page — a beautiful little animation of their own and Basel’s badges before the game. 

Like a good sports hack reporter boy, I had to know more. Had they done this before? Yes. Had they been doing this since the start of the season? Yes.