Did You Know Your State Has An Official Soccer Jersey?

Boy do we love the Internet. An awesome designer by the handle of Skaranger13 created home and away kits for all 50 states. 

Sure it might of been for fun, but we all have our allegiances to our home states and these kit designs are straight ballin! Take some time to check out your state's kit and go through the other 103 home and away kits. The designer did a pretty awesome job taking each state's identity into account and it shows in all 50 different designs.

Animals Playing Soccer. Just As Awesome As You Would Expect.

Soccer is the world's game. And it turns out this means it isn't exclusive to humans alone.

Below, we have found video of different animals that have shown passion for the beautiful game. Each of the animals obviously has their own expertise on the pitch, but which one would you want to have on your squad? 

1. The Net Minder

Most Haunting Misses Of All Time

One of the glorious possibilities of the information age is that once something is created, it has the potential to be seen and appreciated by the entire world. Mind you, not just in the present, but for as long as there is electricity, an Internet connection and an interested audience. 

For athletes, this chance at immorality is a double-edged sword. Messi, for instance, won't complain that his many goals will live far beyond his last breath, but for players less fortunate, well, they will be haunted by the video record of their mistakes for the rest of their lives.

FIFA Releases 2018 World Cup Posters

FIFA released the official logo and posters of the host cities for the 2018 World Cup on their website the other day. Their are 12 venues in 11 host cities with nine new venues being built. Below are the posters along with official previews and info provided by FIFA for each host city. Enjoy the little history lesson for each of these Russian cities.  

Moscow- Luzhniki Stadium (upgraded) and Spartak Stadium (New)

The World's Top 10 Stadiums

As we approach the finals for Europa League, FA Cup, Champions League and the World Cup, one thing that is certain is the stages that these games will be played on are grand. That got us here at The18 thinking, what are the best stadiums in the world for footy fans to catch a game? The criteria we decided on are atmosphere, visual appeal and tradition. Here we go. (Sorry in advance if your favorite didn’t make it!