Some Soccer Things That Happened In 2016

What a year 2016 was! It had all sorts of soccer stuff happen: the Champions League, the Europa League, the Euros, the Copa America Centenario, goals, saves, fouls, moves, everything. Here is a list of some soccer stuff that happened in 2016.

Alberto Moreno Tried To Say “Unbelievable Jeff”

Missed Penalties

5 Times Footballers Have Disgraced Themselves On Twitter

As has been said on many occasions, football is a beautiful game. With it, we laugh, we cry and we sometimes throw things at our television screens, but that doesn't diminish our passion. 

What might accomplish that, however, is the constant need for social media to single-handedly try and shatter the illusion that surrounds these overpaid heroes we watch week in and week out.

Footballers Who’ve Dominated Their Country’s Player Of The Year Award

A country's awarding of their footballer of the year award ultimately says a lot about the state of the game within that nation. For example, knowing that Argentina are loaded with talent but that one man has managed to win this individual prize on 10 occasions speaks to his standing as one of the greatest of all time.

For other nations, a player sweeping the prize time after time shows that he’s single-handedly carrying that nation to new heights à la Gareth Bale. These are the players that’ve utterly dominated their country’s player of the year award in recent times.

10 Terrible Christmas Presents Foe The Premier League's Top 10 Sides

Christmas is widely considered to be the most wonderful time of the year by many, but football is different. There is no winter break and many teams will be thinking of the Boxing Day game as opposed to a turkey dinner, and it can be hard. What would make it even harder, however, is awarding those sides with what can only be described as the worst Christmas gifts of all time.

Chelsea — Crowd Noise Generator

100 Footballers In The World

The Guardian's annual list of the 100 best footballers is in the process of coming out. How does it compare with our list of 100 footballers? Check it out.

The18's 100 Footballers In The World


100. Joe Allen

99. Steve McNulty

98. Gabor Kiraly

97. Kolo Toure

96. Burrito Martinez

95. Hobbit Bermudez

94. Alex Teixeira

93. Fred