Lionel Messi

Messi, Neymar, Suarez Have Scored 100 Goals In All Competitions

In an absolutely world-class feat of goal scoring prowess, the Barcelona trio has eclipsed the 100 goal mark this season.

Sir Alex Ferguson Thinks Cristiano Ronaldo Is Better Than Messi

Former Manchester United skipper Sir Alex Ferguson compares Cristiano Ronaldo to Lionel Messi, says who is better and why.

Messi Scores 400 Goals For Barcelona (VIDEO)

Lionel Messi, king of breaking records, has done it again – this time as the first player in history to score 400 goals for FC Barcelona. Not that there was competition.

England’s Best Goalkeeper Describes What Makes Messi The Best In The World

Manchester City keeper says some nice things about the greatest player in the world.

Watch Lionel Messi Single-Handedly Beat Entire Defenses

Beating one man? Messi does that while eating lunch. This video exclusively shows him taking on 3 or more defenders, and leaving them for dead.

Messi Said Two Words To Luis Suarez In Order To Unleash His Potential

Suarez and Messi avoided the same struggle that doomed Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s time at Barca with one short conversation.

Messi Is Officially The Highest Paid Footballer

Cristiano Ronaldo may be one of the most popular players in men’s soccer, but surprisingly he is not the highest paid. His rival, however, is.

Who Is Better, Ronaldo or Messi?

Who is the best soccer player in the world today? It’s between these two, and it’s hard to argue against either one.