Lionel Messi

What Does The Future Hold For Messi And Ronaldo?

It’s time to face facts: the two best players in the world, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, are getting older.

Entering the 2015/2016 La Liga Season, which kicked off this weekend, Cristiano Ronaldo is 30. He will be 31 by February. The baby-faced flea, Messi, is now 28.

Both men have grown up, from young guns to team captains and leaders.

Now, just what does the future hold for the two best players alive?

Messi Stars In Awesome New Adidas Commercial

Adidas just made a really cool commercial with Messi, but the commercial's intended message will shock you.

Don't worship Messi, make your own path. That's what Adidas wants. Adidas is sick and tired of people worshipping the athletes it pays untold millions of dollars for in exchange for those athletes endorsing Adidas's products, and Adidas can't take it anymore. 

Just watch:

PSG Wants Both Messi And Ronaldo Next Summer

Give PSG owner Nasser Al-Khelaïfi this: he's nothing if not ambitious. 

French Newspaper Le Parisien reported that PSG will use its newfound oil money to try to sign Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, the two best players in the world.

Never mind the exhorbitant release clauses. Never mind previous rejections. They are going to try again! And we applaud them for it. 

Al-Khelaifi is the proud owner of quite a lot of money, and if there's anyone with the testicular fortitude to make a serious run at both Messi and Ronaldo, it's the Qatari oil baron.

Messi Regains Status As The Most Humble Superstar In The Game

Barcelona won the UEFA Super Cup Tuesday and Messi was the star with two free kick goals. His immense talent was on display, and one lunatic is claiming Messi's goals were due to luck. That lunatic is Lionel Messi.

"I've just been lucky enough to score those and I'm very happy the team won and very grateful to everyone for their support and such a warm welcome," Messi said after the game.

The18 Previews The UEFA Super Cup

The UEFA Super Cup, between the winners of the Champions League and Europa League will take place between Barcelona and Sevilla tomorrow.

If Barcelona win, they would match Milan as the top winners of this competition, each team having won five times.

Boris Paichadze National Stadium in Tbilisi, Georgia, will host the match. In Cardiff last year Sevilla fell 2-0 to Real Madrid.

The Hard Reality Of Playing With MSN, Explained By Barca’s Starting Midfielder

When I imagine what it must be like to play with Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Neymar, images of sandy beaches and brightly colored drinks with their very own umbrellas float into my head, but, you know, in a footballing sense. 

I think that their talents would make my job infinitely easier, allowing me to merely spray passes forward, because they are more likely than not to land at the feet of a world-class player, and have success. And, looking at Ivan Rakitic play, it is tempting to believe that this is the case. 

Messi And Neymar Are Back At Barcelona Training

We've had a few Messi-free weeks since the end of the Copa America, and it's been awful. He and his Brazilian wing-counterpart Neymar skipped Barcelona's USA tour because of the Copa, so we haven't seen the Argentine wonder in action in more than a month.

Luckily, that's coming to an end. Messi and Neymar, as well as countrymen Javier Mascherano (Argentina) and Dani Alves (Brazil) have come back to Barcelona training, serving as a welcome reminder that the new season is almost upon us. 

He Looks Like Your Average Unathletic Guy, But He Scores Like Messi

Nothing screams athletic ability like the Caucasian male. In his natural habitat, he is a thing to behold, wonder at, and pontificate greatly about with one’s peers. 

I’m sorry, I had to. I had to show that video in order to make you appreciate, in all seriousness, just how truly exceptional of a player Peter Beardsley was.  

Child Tells Suarez He's The Best, Suarez Says No, Messi Is.

Luis Suarez knows where his bread is buttered.

He was signing autographs when a young boy came up and said he was the best. Suarez, fully aware that the player who is actually the best wasn't traveling with Barcelona for that particular trip, felt the need to correct the lad.

Suarez is good, for sure, but Messi is the best.