Ligue 1

The Zlatan Cavani Duo

Hopes are high in Paris and they should be with the way the Zlatan Cavani duo have produced this season. The Swede and the Uruguayan linked up for one of the nicer goals of the Champions League and Laurent Blanc's bunch are looking dangerous earlier on in European compition. 

Unreal Solo Goal

Taking on an entire defense on your own takes stones and that is what Hatem Ben Arfa had when he scored this unreal solo goal. The 28-year-old from France began his run fending off a defender and then going balls to the wall towards the goal. Ben Arfa kept his head up and went at 5 St. Etienne defenders before blasting a low right footed shot past the keeper. 

Was The French Super Cup Zlatan's Last Game At PSG?

It was all sunshine and rainbows for PSG on the field Saturday. The reigning French champions defeated Lyon 2-0 behind goals from Serge Aurier and Edinson Cavani. Aurier in particular was a revelation at left-back.

Off the field, though, was a diferent matter for the club, who look like they might lose star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic. 

"It could be that this was my last game for PSG," Zlatan said after the game. 

3 Undervalued Transfer Targets Overshadowed By Paul Pogba

The summer transfer market has become clouded by news of Paul Pogba, David de Gea and Ilkay Gundogan as every club across the world vies for their signatures. But, while the deep pockets of Manchester City, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich could help them land one of these superstars, it's likely that your club will come up a little short. Fear not: there are other top class players who are (lucky for you) overshadowed by the mass media feeding frenzy around the top players. 

The Highest Paid Team In Sports Is Now From Paris, France

An annual global salary survey has pin-pointed a certain club that pays its players an ungodly sum every week.

This Double Goal Line Clearance Is So Good You'll Have To Watch It Twice

Mathieu Peybernes saved his team with this undeniable effort, so we wanted to watch more epic last second goal line clearances.

See The Ridiculous Low-Ball Offer That PSG Made Juventus For Pogba

You know you are good when a club’s valuation of you is higher than Neymar's transfer fee to Barcelona, and it is too low.

Zlatan Insults Entire Country Of France, But Who Hasn’t?

Zlatan was not happy with a missed refereeing decision that led to PSG losing 3-2 against Bourdeaux, and he took out his frustrations on the entire country of France. Don’t judge him too soon, though.

Zlatan Tattoos 50 Names On His Body To Fight World Hunger

Zlatan was shown a yellow for showing off his new (temporary) tattoos during PSG's match, but a video released today by the World Food Programme explains why it was worth it.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Will Not Allow Teammates To Talk To Reporters

Zlatan Ibrahimovic told his teammates not to talk to reporters. Why? "Because Zlatan is the boss."